World Wildlife Fund

By Michelle L

What is it?

World Wildlife Fund, also known as WWF, is a charity that helps animals. It was founded on April 29th, 1969. It uses money donated by us to fund animal and environmental projects. It wants to build a future where both humans and nature will thrive. You can help by donating and adopting an animal there. They aim to conserve the world's biological diversity, let human and nature live in harmony and protect the animal's natural habitat. Help them now by donating or adopting an animal.

Their global work:

The work WWF do globally are to stop the degrading of the planet's natural resources and to preserve our life support system-the environment. They aim to preserve biodiversity and to enjoy our most precious gift-the Earth.

They work to conserve critical areas and to preserve critical speices of animals that are particularly important for their habitat or for humans. By donating to them, you are putting money towards these projects and helping them to save the future of the Earth.

The world is it

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How you can help:

You can help WWF by using solar energy for example. By planting trees, switching off the light when you don't need it, donating or adopting, recycling and many more ways.

Start helping now by switching off the light, starting a campaign and by thinking of a way to involve your friends too.

Watch the video below to find out about renewable energy that can help you reduce your carbon footprint.

100% Renewable Energy

The history behind their logo

The WWF logo is the well known giant panda but why the giant panda when there is plenty more animals for them to chooses from?

The inspiration came from Chi-Chi the giant panda that came to London in 1916, the year WWF was founded. They wanted a strong, recognizable logo that would touch the hearts of people. When Chi-Chi came to London, they decided that the furry, appealing animal would be perfect for the logo.

The reason behind this decision was because giant pandas are much loved by people from all over the world and are also very well known. With this cute animal as its logo, it is sure to attract people's attention. It is also because it is black and white which would save printing costs.

Status of charity

World Wildlife Fund is a really good charity that helps all kinds of endangered animals and their endangered habitat. 85% of all donations go towards saving the animal and plant species which is pretty decent. It is a good charity that uses most of its donations towards their projects and the other 15% go towards fundraising and other uses. Their projects are pretty successful for example: on March 23rd, 2013, hundreds and millions of people switched off their lights for one hour to show their commitment to the planet. It was called the Earth Hour challenge.

Current news for WWF

Recently, Malaysian youths take interest in protecting oceans. The future for the ocean looks good but we want to encourage more people to take part. Sadly, adults there do not want to change their ways. Whereas, children take interest in recycling and reusing. How could humans be the same but be so different? It is a start that people are volunteering to help clean up the beaches. It is a promise of tomorrow for fish and the people of Malaysia.