Man shot for early start.

The Oklahoma land rush had begun

The Land rush is a part of the Homestead Act. Immigrants, Freed slaves, Whites and everyone in between competed in the race in Oklahoma state. There are 42,000 pieces of land, each 160 acres of land, perfect for farming and building your home

At the beginning of the race a man started too early and was shot and killed for it. There were horses and oxen and carts and covered wagons. It was very exciting, but it was also really chaotic. There were people and animals running wild everywhere it was crazy, people died and horses bucked off their riders.

To claim your land you put your flag in the ground in place of the marker set there, and that land was yours. To own the land you had to stay there for 5 years and it was yours. This is good, especialy with the invention of dry farming recently, people might never go hungry again!

Us President Cleveland allows Mormon Polygamy.

It official! Time to rejoice if you are a Mormon polygamist! You are now allowed to do it if that is what you chose. While not all people support this form of a relationship at least it is allowed now!

What government policy?

What government policy allowed for all this? Why the homestead act of course! It has allowed every one to buy 160 acres of land for only 10 dollars which is a main reason people moved to the west.