The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

Devlynn Bunning


The authors text structure helps define the characterization of Walter Mitty, the author shows he is pushed around, he has no contol over his life, and he trouble with having courage.

Walter Mitty is pushed around by his wife and almost everyone around him.

After his first day dream his wife starts to yell at him and she says, " Not so fast! You're driving too fast... You know i dont like going more than 40." Later, she talks to him as if she is his mother. " Why don't you wear your gloves?" This shows that she pushes him around.
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Also, Walter Mitty has no contol over his life because of his wife

After one winter, when he got the chains wound around the axle his wife made him go to the garage to take the chains off, which made him feel like a fool. After Walter MItty drops his wife off to get her hair done she tells him he needs to go get overshoes, he doesnt think that he needs the shoes but his wife forces him too.
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Lastly, Walter Mitty has no courage to stand up for himself.

Walter Mitty has trouble being able to stand up for himself when people make fun of him. This is first shown when the car attendent is rude to him and he says nothing to the mad. Also, he doesnt have the courage to say something to the women when she makes fun of him for talking to himself.
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The text structure helps to show that Walter Mitty is pushed around, he is controlled by his wife and he has trouble having courage. All of these help to characterize Walter Mitty.