Mrs. Wilson's Language Class

November 9-13

6th Grade & 7th grade

Tuesday students shared out parts of their narrative paper. They picked a jolly rancher. The color they chose told them what part of their paper they were sharing with the class. Ask your child what part of their paper they shared.

Wednesday we took a moment to look at the on demand writing pieces from the beginning of the year and compare them to the student's final narrative paper. The students filled out a reflection about their progress.

Thursday students wrote their end of the unit on demand writing piece. This is a good way to see what techniques have stuck with them from the unit.

Friday sixth graders looked at how we infer in reading and our learning on a daily basis. This was a mini lesson that I felt we needed. Some students were trying to use the inferring symbol on their annotated text but they were not using it correctly. Seventh graders worked on polishing their narrative papers. As I started to look at them, I decided we needed a little more work on a few areas as a class before I graded them.

Annotated text article for the week was title, "Game Over."Ask your child to share with you what it was about.

Narratives in 6th Grade

The sixth grade students were handed back their narrative papers on Friday. They have grown so much as writers throughout this unit. I am so proud of them. Ask your child to share with you the on demand writing piece that they wrote the second day of school and compare it to the narrative writing that they handed in this week. They should be able to go through their writing and explain the techniques that we used to make a good narrative. If your child is not happy with their grade, they are more than welcome to edit and improve their writing to get points back. An author is never done writing.

Inferring Lesson

On Friday my 6th graders and I talked about inferring (I will be doing this lesson on Monday with my 7th grade). I showed them a few pictures to get the point across. We used the clues in the pictures and our background knowledge to figure out the message. We talked about how the students infer every day and about how it is different than predicting.

I showed the students the picture to the right. They understood that they baby in the picture was probably going to be a big brother. I added the information that the "baby" was my son Leo. They then put together that Leo is going to be a big brother.

I heard surprise, confusion, and a few people say, "I knew it". All in all there was excitement in the room.

This is a great group of students and I am disappointed that I will miss the end of the year with them, but excited for this new adventure that my family will be going on.

I will get you more information as I know it. Right now all I know is that I will be gone from (about) April 15 until the end of the year.