The white god's have taken over!!

Nobody is safe!! Traitor king killed by civilian.

The white god's attack villages and kill many!!

Mexico was just newly discovered when Hernan Cortes was allowed to lead a small expedition to explore. The Governor actually changed his mind and cancelled the expedition, but Cortes went anyway on February 18th. It was 1519 - he would have been about 34 years old.

Cortez quickly took control of the situation. Landing in the Yucatán, he met Jeronimo de Aguilar, a Franciscan priest who knew Mayan. Cortes claimed the land for Spain, and began his conquest. He met his future mistress, who knew Mayan and Nahuatl (the language of the Aztecs). Taking his men to Veracruz, he officially ignored the authority of the Governor and claimed to be acting under the direct authority of Emperor Charles V. In reality, he was taking charge of the situation absolutely, and ready to claim the gold and power he had been looking for.

Some aztecs say the spanish will take over soon!!

Some aztecs say that the spanish will take over soon.But the odds aren't looking good for the spanish. the aztecs say that if for every twenty-five thousand aztecs killed one spanish conquistador dies, the aztecs will out last them.but the spanish have superior weapons and they have horses. People will just have to wait and find out themselves.

Some of the attackers and there victims and the victims weapons!!

These next few days will be a living nightmare!!

Questions are being asked by civilians!!

When will these men leave? Are we all going to die? What happens next? These are some of the question being asked by every body. Well to everybody out there all i can say is that we must have hope!!