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Annotating in the Middle School Classroom

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How can you use the Adobe Reader app in your classroom?

The Adobe Reader app allows teachers and students to annotate PDF documents. What are PDF documents? They are documents saved in a publication format... which means that once a document like a Microsoft Word document is saved in PDF format, there is no way to edit the document. It can only be viewed.

Think about the many PDF documents you can either find online or create and share with your students. Imagine the possibilities across different curriculum areas.

  • Math (Give students a math problem worked incorrectly and let them find where it went wrong.)
  • ELA (Students can annotate fiction, nonfiction, poetry, identify story components, fact vs. opinion, etc.)
  • Science (Give students an article showing the scientific method applied incorrectly and let them make corrections.)
  • Social Studies (Imagine what your students could do with primary source documents!)
  • Art (Give your students a PDF of a famous piece of artwork and have them identify certain components in their annotations, such as the artist, time period, medium, etc.)
  • Health (Give students "a day in the life" article of a typical student, with good and bad choices and have your students annotate both, including why they think they would classify them as good or bad choice.)
  • Etc.

Once your students annotate the document, then what? How can they share it with you? In our school district, we encourage teachers to use Edmodo for student/teacher workflow, assignments, etc. Almost all apps have a share icon now. Students are encouraged to share their annotated document by adding it to their backpack in Edmodo, similar to a digital portfolio. Once they add the annotated document to their backpack, they can attach it to the assignment and turn it in to you within the Edmodo app! Very simple workflow!

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Contribute to the form "What kinds of documents can YOUR class annotate," and feel free to check out all responses by following the link below. Hopefully, this will become a great repository of annotation ideas!

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:-) Danielle

Danielle S. West

Digital Integration Specialist

Horry County Schools