Catching Olympic drug cheats

Performance Enhancing Drugs

Atheltes related to drugs

Types of PED's.

There are many types of PED's: Anabolic steroids, stimulants, Human growth hormone and supplements. Anabolic steroid is used for body builders, to boost their energy and make it easier for them to workout. Stimulants are commonly called street drugs. They are used for getting high and hyper. (For more energy) Athletes use (HGH) because that drug makes them look younger and more good looking, and fit than usually.

Atheltes and drugs

Michael Phelps is one of the 30 most famous athletes in the world. In 2009, he lost his endorsement contract with Kellogg's after a photo emerged of him taking a hit of marijuana. Micheal has been suspended from competition for 3 months cause of using illegal drugs.

3 of the athletes that used to do drugs


Comparing dopeing in the Winter and Summer

This graph shows dopeing incidents per Olympic year. (Summer and winter) You can see that dopeing incidents most happen in the summer more than in winter. (The red bars is summer and blue is winter)