Christmas Giving Opportunities

for December 2018


December is the month for giving and we are fortunate to have three opportunities this month to help those who are in need.

  1. Stockings from Karen - This is a non-profit organization that gives the gift of self-esteem to DMV are teen foster girls through a deliver of stockings filled with toiletries. Deadline is December 6th.
  2. Dress Out Day for Catholic Charities - The week of December 3rd is We Care About Catholic Charities Week. To that end we will have a dress out day on December 6 (Saint Nicholas Day) for $2.00/students or $5.00/family. We will accept additional donations of your choice as well.
  3. HOPE donations for new moms in need - We will collect assigned items per grade to send to HOPE. Donations will be accepted from December 10th - December 18th. See below for details.

Stockings from Karen

There are several ways to participate:

Donate a stocking complete with all the essentials, or Donate stocking stuffers, or Donate cash to purchase stocking stuffers.

Please get your donation to Fran Cox no later than December 6th. Contact her at or 202-256-8851 to schedule pick up or drop off.

Thank you for your generosity this holiday season!


Each stocking should be valued under $25. In order for each girl to receive the same quality of stocking, please refrain from purchasing overly expensive items.

Staple items (travel sizes and fragrance free preferred): deodorant, lotion, nail files, body wash, sponge, toothbrush, tooth paste, socks, gloves, stocking cap.

Makeup and hair accessories: Foster girls have many different ethnic backgrounds so please buy neutral tones for makeup and stick to hair accessories rather than hair care products. Items needed include eye shadow, mascara, brow/eye liner, lip stick or gloss, nail polish, rubber bands, barrettes, bobby pins, head bands.

Stockings will be customized according to one of four themes:

Academic: books, book markers, puzzles, crosswords, calculator, ruler, pens, pencils, calendar, appointment book, journal

Sports: head bands, athletic socks, Sports Illustrated, Self Magazine, calorie counter, pedometer, jump rope

Fashion: fashion magazines such as Elle, Ebony, Uptown, makeup, accessories, sewing kit, costume jewelry

Music: magazine’s such as Vibe and Rolling Stone; earphones, books about artists/musicians, music themed accessories

Items NOT to include: anything edible, shaving razors, shaving cream, shampoo, conditioner, anything with alcohol in it like mouthwash, anything with explicit language (music, books, magazines.)

Dress Down for Catholic Charities on December 6

December 6 is Saint Nicholas Day and we are supporting Catholic Charities with a dress down day for $2.00/student or $5.00/family. Additional donations are welcome!

Dress Code to honor Saint Nicholas in the Spirit of Christmas -

Bottoms: Jeans with no holes or tears,

Tops: red, white or green collared shirt

or a nice fleece or sweater

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Would you please send the following baby items by grade?:

We will collect assigned items per grade to send to HOPE. Donations will be accepted from December 10th - December 18th.

Pre-School - Burping Cloths/Teething toys

Pre-K - Baby Bottles

Kindergarten - Baby Wipes

1st Grade - Bibs

2nd Grade - Pacifiers

3rd Grade - Socks

4th Grade - Washcloths/Towels

5th Grade - Diapers/Formula

6th Grade - Diapers/Formula

7th Grade - Diapers/ Formula

8th Grade - Onesies

Please feel free to donate additional items from the list above, however, we do request that you send your assigned items first. Thank you in advance for your generosity.