Monday Minute

October 22, 2018

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Shelbyville MS Celebrates Champions Together

This excellent article by Ross Flint was recently published in the Shelbyville News. It includes several details about how they are organized. If it's something you've been considering, this will probably convince you!
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Do you or your students ever use sketchnoting? Or maybe you'd like to, but you're not sure where to start? You can sign up to receive short, three-minute video lessons from October 23-November 12 by Sylvia Duckworth. These clips are also something your students might enjoy. There are many more details on her website, plus resources on a variety of other topics. Thank you to Sylvia for giving permission to use her graphic-- and for all she has done for educator and student learning!
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So many ideas, so little time! The #FormativeSummit has kicked off, with some great videos from Indiana's own Matt Miller of Ditch that Textbook fame(many of us can say we knew him when), Paul Solarz (author of Learn Like a Pirate), and others. The trend in these summits is to have the videos online for a specified period, although they often are made available again at a later date. Sign up and learn more here.

Students Increase Financial Literacy through Football Video Game

Eli Manning and Saquon Barclay of the New York Giants helped launch a new game with VISA, "Financial Football". Students can play at different levels, increasing their success by correctly answering questions about financial literacy. The game is available on the web, or as an an iOS or Android app. You can read more about it (and see Eli play it) in this article from USA Today.

Learning from Vicki Davis, "Cool Cat Teacher"

Vicki Davis, an outstanding teacher from Georgia, is from an area that experienced a lot of damage during Hurricane Michael (photo from NASA via Creative Commons). She has many resources (and advertisers, which is a measure of her success.) If you have not yet discovered her podcasts, they are definitely worth a look. "The 10-Minute Teacher Podcast," is ideal to fit in during a commute, walk or workout. The latest episode is about experiencing a disaster. I have also included a webinar in the calendar below on social emotional learning (postponed due to the hurricane). I have seen Vicki present and have attended several of her webinars, and found them to be very worthwhile.

Time's Up! (And the Breaks Go On...)

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