Romeo and Juliet

And why is it a success even to this day?

Who wrote Romeo and Juliet?

The author of Romeo and Juliet is William Shakespeare. He wrote the book in 1594 and finished it in 1595. It was originally written as a play which they performed in 1597. But the play was such a big hit, he decided to print it out so he can sell it as a book.

Back round information about Shakespeare

We was born 1564, and died April 23, 1616. He married Anne Hathaway in 1582 and had three children Hamnet, Judith and Susanna. In is life time he wrote 37 plays.He is known as the greatest writer in the English Language. Over in England he is often called ¨Bard of Avon¨

Why is Romeo and Juliet a success?

According to Shakespear-Online

Romeo and Juliet is still famous because of how many times it has been remastered by film and by book. Shakespeare's ability to summarize the great range of human feelings and how he can explain love is one of the reasons why he and Romeo and Juliet are still famous.

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