Suamico Staff News

Week of January 6 - 10

Ryan's Schedule This Week:


8:00 am - Collaboration with Molly

9:30 am - Digital Transformation Meeting (TLC)

11:00 am - Help with teacher interviews at Bay Harbor


7:40 am - PLC Meetings (Meet with your teams...see below)

8:30 am - Administrative Mid-Year Meeting (Rock Garden)

6:30 pm - PTO Meeting


7:30 am - Collaboration with Janet

7:45 am - BLT Meeting (Conference Room)

10:30 am - LEAN Project planning with Dennis (District Office)

12:30 pm - Educator Effectiveness Meeting (FG)

3:40 pm - Suamico Staff Meeting (Library)


9:00 am - Walk the Halls

2:30 pm - Teacher observation

3:00 pm - Walk the Halls


9:00 am - Ryan / Amy / Lani Collaboration (Library)

PM Bus Duty

1/6 to 1/10 - Hendrickson

1/13 to 1/17 - Hanson

1/20 to 1/23 - Culligan

Pledge Schedule

Upcoming Pledge Schedule

1/6 to 1/10 - Mikle

1/13 to 1/17 - Nigbur

1/20 to 1/23 - White

Next Guided Reading Study (CANCEL 1/7/2014)

The next Guided Reading Study will take place in the library on Tuesday, January 21 from 7:40-8:25 am during PLC time. Please bring your Fountas and Pinnell article and Jan Richardson book!

I am canceling the 1/7/2014 meeting so that you can have time to meet with your PLC teams. Since mid-year SLO reviews are due by February 15, I understand that you will need some time with your teams and am willing to back off of the Guided Reading study to allow you the time you need.

Running Records

We will need to complete running records for all students during the month of January. Again, this procedure needs to be handled without the use of substitute teachers. I have completed some options for how your team might handle this (this will be / has been shared with you in a separate e-mail). You will need to make a decision together about your approach and get that information to me ASAP.

You have five options for completing your running records. The option that your team chooses must be approved by Ryan Welnetz prior to assessments beginning. To see your choices, click here, then send Ryan an e-mail with your team's choice.


It has been a tough, cold winter already and it's only the beginning of January. This has resulted in more indoor recess sessions than I can ever remember. Related to indoor recesses, I'd like to put a few points down so that you understand how these decisions are made:
  • By district policy, students are not allowed to go to recess if the air temperature OR wind chill is below zero.
  • All schools monitor temperatures on a common local website. Every school has the same information when we are making a decision about whether to stay in or go out.
  • The decision is made by office personnel - not lunchroom / playground supervisors. The LR/PG supervisors follow the directives given to them by the office.
  • Decisions are made based on district policy AND what is in the best interest of the SAFETY of our students.
  • Finally, if there is a doubt about whether it is safe to go outside or not, the decision is made to NOT go outside. Student safety is the priority.
Once and awhile, I hear teachers questioning office staff or LR/PG supervisors about why kids are not going outside. In my opinion, this is disrespectful. Keep in mind that these kids are outside for upwards of 20-25 minutes - well beyond the amount of time that it takes for frostbite to set in. If there is a chance that they are in danger or their safety could be compromised, students will not go outside. Please respect the decisions that are made and be understanding of those that have to make those decisions. I appreciate your patience and understanding. Hopefully a colder than normal winter will result in a warmer than normal spring!

Lockdown Drill / Emergency Situations

Each holiday break, I review the information that we provide for emergency situations and update it as needed. Please remember to review the emergency information that is provided on my website (, "For Staff", "Emergency Information"). We will be conducting a Level 2 lockdown drill on Tuesday, January 21 (time to be will be sometime early in the morning). We will also discuss emergency procedures at our staff meeting on Wednesday, January 8.


Reminder: I have to complete at least one informal observation per year for every teacher that I supervise. I do not announce these observations and typically stay for 20-30 minutes. I will send you an e-mail after the observation with instructions and you will get an email from (OASYS) letting you know that the observation is available to view.

Additionally, if you in year 1 or year 3 of the observation cycle, a formal observation has to be completed. Year 1 teachers (Arndt, Bender, Birder, Bortz, Hallam, Nigbur, Nyquist, Socha, White, Yurk) have to formally schedule these observations. Year 3 teachers (Ehmke, Hanson, Hendrickson, Werlein) have unannounced formal observations. Formal observations usually take from 45-60 minutes. Year 2 teachers (Culligan, Held, LaFrombois, Mikle, Murphy, Prien, Vissers) only require an informal observation.

Please let me know if you have questions. Thanks!

Upcoming - Educator Effectiveness

Upcoming for Educator Effectiveness

Due by February 15 - Mid-Year SLO Review. See e-mail sent by me on January 2. Your mid-year SLO review should discuss what your team has done to address the goal AND how you have addressed the goal in your own classroom.

Due by February 15 - Student / Client Survey (2nd time). More information will be released soon about this part of the evaluation process.

Please see Ryan if you have questions.