The Colony Maryland

History of Maryland

Maryland was the fourth colony to be founded. The year that it was founded is disputed but the year range is the early 1630's. Founded by George Calvert (or Lord Baltimore), Maryland was established as a haven for the English Catholics so that they could worship and conduct business. It was named for Queen Henrietta Maria, who was King Charles I of England's wife.

Location of Maryland

If you wanted to find Maryland on a map the latitude and longitude are 39° N 76.7° W. It is considered a middle colony. Delaware, Pennsylvania, and Virginia border it. This map below gives a visual of where the colony is situated. To find the colony look in the middle. It will be above Virginia and below Delaware.

Economic Development in Maryland

In Maryland the major industries are Manufacturing (i.e. ship building and iron works) and agriculture (i.e corn, wheat, rice, and indigo.) Because of the warmer climate it is easier for crops to grow.

Other Aspects of the colony

There is no primary religion in Maryland. Because of the Maryland Toleration Act all Christians have a freedom to worship in this colony. The government of Maryland is a proprietorship, which means that a proprietor has executive authority over it. Of course our government still listens to the King of England. Lastly our trade cities are Baltimore and Annapolis where we trade tobacco, cotton, rice, indigo, lumber, furs, and farm products.

Hisotrical Events

In 1727 the Maryland Gazette, our first newspaper, was instituted. Also in 1649, "An Act Concerning Religion," was passed (another name for it is the Maryland Toleration Act). In 1664 slavery was allowed by law here.

Key People

George Calvert (Lord Baltimore) was the founder of Maryland. Cecil Calvert, 2nd Baron Baltimore was George Calvert son, who helped get a charter for Maryland. He was the first Proprietor of Maryland. He also helped gain control back after the Puritan revolt. I have two links that you can click for pictures of these two men.

Why You Would Want to Settle Here

After all this information you should be convinced that the colony of Maryland is the place for you to move. With religious freedom, its central location to other colonies, and its wealth Maryland should look and sound very enticing.