Computer Engineering Reflection

Circuit building using breadboards

What I did?

In the first unit of computer engineering, we worked on three different projects for about two weeks.

  • Logic Probe
  • 555 Timer
  • Transistors Lab

Logic Probe

When your probe is connected positive one light turns on and when the probe is connected to negative the other light turns on

555 Timer

Two LEDs turn off and on right after each other

Transistors Lab

This lab consisted of four different circuits. The goal is to build the circuits and check when the LEDs in each circuit turn on when connected to positive and negative.
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What did I learn

Don't try to make your circuit look like the schematic- At the beginning of this unit when I was trying to build my own circuit I was trying to make my circuit look exactly the schematic that was given. This is not a smart idea because most likely your circuit won't work and it will take up too much space on the breadboard.

Work carefully and check off every step you finish- When building circuits on breadboards it is really important you highlight every connection you put in and every step you finish. This will make it easier for you to connect things in the proper spaces and help you make fewer mistakes.

Take your time and do not rush-Before the march break I was really stressed out about the projects and I only managed to finish two out of the three projects. And the last one is a really long project so I was not close to finishing. But when the march break came I was calmer than I before took my time and managed to finish off that part of the project.

I also learned about and how to use breadboards and basic computer engineering components such as resistors, LEDs, transistors etc.

What did I enjoy?

During the beginning of the unit, I was not enjoying the unit at all since I didn't know what I was doing and I was behind the whole class. But towards the end of the unit I started getting help from the teacher and other people. I was starting to learn how the breadboard works and what mistakes I was making. I started to feel better, but I was still stressed because I was behind. But when the March Break happened I had lots of time and I started having fun building my circuits.
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What I did not enjoy?

I did not enjoy the beginning of the unit since I was really behind.

What I would do differently

If I were to do this whole unit all over again I would keep some very important key things in mind.

  • Don't just take pictures of notes, write them down neatly
  • Print out a physical schematic
  • Pay very close attention on how a breadboard works

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