The Okanagans Most Unwanted

Invasive Spieces

Purple Loosestrife

an invasive species is a is an animal or plant that was not originated from an area. an invasive species comes to be by it has away that it can spread its self to different parts of north america. the impact they have on the ecosystem is that they spread so fast that they take over other plants and animals homes causing the plants or animals that live there to move because when they spread they cause a thick barrier in that area they are spreading to.

the common name for the purple loosestrife is the purple loosestrife the alias is Lythrum salicari.

they live in ditches on the side of the road or in predominately sunny wetlands habitats.

they originated from Europe in the 1800's when a ship from Europe was carrying purple loosestrife in the water ballast and came to eastern north america and was planted in the Port Alberni Gardens because it looked pretty back then.

they negatively impact the ecosystem by taking over other plants and animals homes and create a thick bushy barrier in that area they are taking over.

they spread and reproduce by it will find a place by a river or stream and root its self there and will then send seeds down the river or stream until the seeds find a good place to root by the river or stream and do that process all over again.

people and the government are going out in June which is when the purple loosestrife starts to grow and in June people go out and find the purple loosestrife and cuts them and digs them up.

Purple loosestrife mugshot

Wild Turkey

an invasive species is an animal or plant that is not originated from an area. they come to be by they spread by mating in mating season and making more of them and spreading more to different places because they look for food and because that one area will get to populated with wild turkeys and food will run out so they will go into local areas and eat there food and garbage.

wild turkeys were raised and released by the BC games in 1910 onto James island just off of Vancouver island. they then spread through Washington state, Idaho and Montana then they started travelling through Mexico and South Mexico. wild life officials relocated them from Creston valley to the east kootenay.

the impact they have on an ecosystem is they will eat all the food there including other animals and sweep out all the food causing the other animals that only eat that food to move out of that area or make them starve to death. then in mating season there will be alot of mating because they travel in flocks so there will be more to feed so they will travel into local areas and eat the garbage and scare people and there home animals. if they keep travelling and don't stop they will travel into farm lands and frighten the animals.

the common name for wild turkey is wild turkey and the alias (scientific name) is Meleagnis gallopavo.

the wild turkey has a black body with a long reddish-yellow to greyish-green legs

it has a long black fan shaped tail

glossy bronze wings

feet have three toes and males have spurs behind each back leg.

they live in the east kootenay and spread through towns and neighbourhoods looking for food.

they spread y they travel in flocks and in fall they mate with a female or male and make new baby's which will make more of them and its easy for them to spread and travel because they can smell different foods.

people are trying to stop the spread of them by scaring them off and hiding there garbage so they will move on to find more food.

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