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What is Formative?

Formative allows you to upload an assignment, in the form of text, images, videos or document. You can choose how you want to assess it - typed response, multiple choice or show your work. Students join the class by entering the unique code, similar to Kahoot and Google Classroom. You can even post it straight to Google Classroom. Then watch it LIVE as your students go through it. Best of all, Formative is made by teachers!
About Formative

How can I use it to enhance & transform my classroom?

Transform your class assessments by receiving real-time responses from students, allowing you to Know exactly what each student needs as they learn and take immediate actions.

What are other educators saying about it?

  • Usage: I am always looking for ways to assess my students formatively in my middle school math classroom. This app will help with doing live, on the spot assessment using any device, but more specifically on a tablet where you can draw.

  • Strengths: Students can draw and demonstrate their knowledge as well as write their process in mathematics. Teachers can embed videos and ask questions about the video.

  • Verdict: I would recommend this tool because you get to see live feedback of what the student is actually doing. You can give the student immediate feedback. I like that there is a variety of ways to assess the students.

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Self-Paced Training

Things to Read and Watch - Quick, easy, live formative results in your classroom!
Transform any PDF/DOC into a Digital Formative Assessment - Update
See Real-Time Student Drawings with Formative (
Note... the next video is a silent demonstration. There is no audio.
Go Formative in Action


  • Sign Up for your FREE Formative Account
  • Create a new assignment - choose to Add Question, Add Content or Upload & Transform a document - whatever is best for your assignment.
  • Once you’ve created your assessment, click the Assign button. You can create your own classes under the “only classes” tab, but the easiest is to Enable it for Everyone. You can then even post it directly to your Google Classroom classes.
  • Once you’ve created your Formative assessment for your students, now it’s time to assess your students! You can watch their responses in real time and give them instant feedback.
  • Need help? Use the link below to see lots more tutorials on specific tasks. You might even want to subscribe to Formative's YouTube channel or follow them on Facebook or Twitter to be notified when new tutorials are posted.
  • Once you’ve used the Formative assessment with your students, CELEBRATE then claim your Formative badge by submitting the course completion form!

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This course was compiled from with contributions from Autumn Howell, Chris Tucker and David Figg.