The Treasure Map

December 10 - December 14

The Week in Preview

Denise Pagoota's birthday was November 30! It was inadvertently left off last week.


  • 2:45 Third Grade PLC meeting
  • 2:45 Fourth Grade PLC meeting with David Norton
  • 2:45 First Grade PLC meeting
  • F & P window open
  • 5:30 Board Meeting to discuss iRock initiative
  • Let Ms. Kelsey know before leaving today who will serve from your grade level on the acceptable evidence team at the district level. (See The Pirate Way)
  • Tacky Christmas Sweater Day

  • F & P window open
  • CogAT scores go home with 2nd graders (these will be delivered Monday)
  • Rhonda off campus this morning at Mt. Gallant
  • 3:00 Catawba Nuclear Meeting in the Media Center
  • Red, White and Green Day

  • GT Open House 1:45-2:15
  • 2:45 Second Grade PLC meeting
  • 2:45 Fifth Grade PLC meeting
  • F & P window open
  • 6:00 PTA Board Meeting
  • Jingle bell necklaces, earrings and candy cane adornment day

  • Holiday Lunch for K (11:00), 4th (12:00), 3rd (1:00)
  • Grades 1, 2, and 5 will eat bag lunches in their rooms
  • Becky Martin's Birthday!
  • F & P window open
  • 4:00 District Calendar Meeting
  • Crazy Christmas Sock, Slipper or Stockings Day

  • Holiday Lunch for 1st (11:00), 2nd (12:00), 5th (1:00)
  • GT Open House 12:30-1:00
  • F & P window
  • Updated class schedules should be sent to Ms. Guyton and Ms. Kelsey before leaving today.
  • Christmas kerchief, hair adornment day

The Pirate Way.

  • Holiday Lunch Details..... please include this information in your classroom communications
    • Dec. 13 Kindergarten 11:00, Fourth grade 12:00, Third grade 1:00 (all others will eat bag lunches in the classrooms)
    • Dec. 14 First grade 11:00, Second grade 12:00, Fifth grade 1:00 (all others will eat bag lunches in the classrooms)
    • As we enter into the holiday season remember to notify the office when you are having special events, especially when parents will be entering the building.
    • We have had several students leaving IHES this week for other schools. Remember that when this occurs teachers must print their most current grades from PowerSchool to send to their new school. Glenda sent directions for doing this via email earlier today.
    • Please make sure when you are doing attendance that you are correctly marking students. Some are not being marked absent that should be.
    • Please send an updated class schedule by email to Ms. Guyton and Ms. Kelsey before leaving Friday.
    • On January 16 (K-2) and January 17 (3-5), there will be a work session at the District Office from 3 – 5pm to determine/create/discuss acceptable evidence for standards/report card ratings as it relates to common core. I would like at least one person from each grade level to represent IHES, but all are welcome. The session will not be a sit and get, but a time for you to work with other teachers from your grade level across the district. You will start with third nine weeks standards so this will be practical in that you will be able to actually use the things you create. There will also be an incentive offered for the person from your grade level who commits to being part of this effort-we are working out the logistics. More information will be coming out after the holidays to those grade level representatives. Please let Ms. Guyton and Ms. Kelsey know who your grade level representative will be prior to leaving on Monday.

    • This nine weeks third through fifth grade report cards will look different in that only standards will appear on what is printed to go home. This will shorten the report card, all grades should be marked as usual in PowerSchool, including marking indicators. No changes are being made to how grades are reported in PowerSchool, only changes are being made to what the physical report card looks like when printed.

    • The F and P window will close December 19th. Please complete the F and P excel spreadsheet electronically and send to Ms. Kelsey before leaving January 11th. This will be sent in email also.