Mrs. White's 4th Grade Class

Room 215

Coming up...

December 11 - 4th Grade Program, 7:00 pm

December 16 - Historical Book Project is due

December 19 - Field trip to Kauffman Stadium. Money and permission slip are due December 5.

December 19 - Winter Party, 2:30

December 22 - January 2 - Winter Break

What we are learning this week:

READING: Students are learning about natural changes as we read Fire Storm. We are working on identifying the character, setting, and details to better help us summarize.

MATH: We have begun Unit 4! Students will learn how to write equations or expressions using variables to solve word problems. We will be discussing Order of Operations, Properties, and how to apply Inverse Operations. Ask your student the following:

What is the Associative Property?

What is the Distributive Property?

What is the Commutative Property?

SOCIAL STUDIES: We are going to learn about government and the importance of voting. The students will appoint a classmate into a new job for our class!