Where She Went

Gayle Forman


Three years after Mia's devastating accident Adam is still holding on the their relationship that doesn't exist.

Divided by college and and Adam’s band, Mia and Adam lost their spark. Their lives became separated as both became rising stars. Mia is excelling in Julliard and Adam relies on his rock-star status and new celebrity girlfriend. While on tour Adam, stays back in New York by himself and fate strikes. Mia is performing downtown and Adam decides to buy a ticket. The disconnected couple resists their history. They both have changed, but they open their hearts to discover their future, together.


Adam Wilde is the main character in this sequel and is this sequel and is the protagonist. Adam is a 21-year old rockeband ember. Having the “rock-star look” and being an exceptional guitar player, Adam is used to having girls gush around him. During high school, he discovers Mia, and falls in love. After dating, Mia has a horrible accident and Adam is knocked off his feet. Everything was the way Adam wanted. He was was care free and in love. Adam lets go of Mia, as she wishes, and begins to crumble. He establishes and anxiety disorder, and is easily set off. Confused within himself from the band and everyone else. Mia left him with so many unknowns, and they cause even more damage. Adam is truly heart broken.

As the story begin, Adam is shown as a vulnerable man caught-up in the past. The plot develops and the author reveals the effects of Adam’s broken heart. When the opportunity strikes, Adam is at a loss for words and does not know how to react to all the changes his true love has made without him.

Book Reviews

"Wow! I recently finished Where She Went and it was perfection in my eyes. Maybe even better than If I Stay. Everything was perfectly tied up by the end and the whole thing gave me insight into what it's really like to be in an incredibly popular band (which made it VERY interesting to go and see The Vamps last Wednesday which was insanely good and also got me fascinated on the real lives of the band members). One thing's for sure, I never want to be in a popular band. It sounds miserable."



"This book is a sequel to "If I Stay" and I was so glad to find the continuation of the story of Mia Hall. This book is told from the view point of Mia's former love, Adam Wilde, and takes place 3 years after the accident that killed Mia's parents and young brother. It was the word "former" that threw me for a loop. At the end of the previous book, Adam and Mia were still very close and very much in love. I wanted to find out what had happened to drive them apart, and surprisingly, the book is about Adam trying to find out exactly the same thing. In the three years that have passed, Mia has been attending Juillard and becoming a world class cellist. Adam's band, Shooting Star, has become hugely popular, playing sold out venues and winning major awards. Adam is the lead singer as well as the writer of their hit songs and has become the singular target of the media while the rest of the band goes largely unnoticed. This has caused a lot of friction between the band members who are about to go on a big European tour. While Adam is living the Rock Star lifestyle he is not a happy guy. He is currently living with Hollywood's leading starlet but keeps himself going with cigarettes and doctor's prescriptions. Adam has one night alone in New York City before heading to England. As he walks the streets, he sees an advertisement for a Young Concert Series featuring none other than Mia Hall. On impulse he buys a ticket and sets in motion a night spent in reminiscing, remorse and reconnection. The question of why Mia stopped taking his calls is answered along with why he has let his life get so out of control. I did not like this book as much as I did "If I Stay" but it was very satisfying to know what happened to the characters that I liked so much. Both books do a good job of showing what can happen when people are thrown into unexpected circumstances whether they might be considered good circumstances or bad. Both main characters suffered great losses and had to learn how to best put their lives back together and move forward. I would recommend this book to anyone who reads "If I Stay" but I'm not sure if it would be as meaningful to those who haven't read the first one."

"Even though Where She Went is a follow-up to Mia’s story in If I Stay, I think Adam’s tale will be just as enjoyable for those who haven’t read the first book. Gayle Forman has an incredible ability to write characters that almost leap off the page they feel so real.

Adam’s story unfolds in both real-time and through flashbacks, but the two work together seamlessly to fill in the details of the past three years without ever felling jumpy or hard to follow. I really have no complaints with Where She Went. The characters are wonderful, the pacing is perfect and the story answers all the questions that readers are left with after If I Stay. The only reason I gave this book one less star than If I Stay was that it didn’t quite pack the emotional punch that Mia’s side of the story did. But I think that’s a result of reading these two books back-to-back, rather than there being anything lacking in Where She Went."



About The Author

Gayle Forman is an American young adult author. Beginning her career by writing for Seventeen Magazine, Forman focused mostly on young people and social concerns. Later she became a journalist for other major publications such as Details Magazine, Jane Glamour Magazine, and Cosmopolitan Magazine. After travelling the world in 2002 with her husband, Forman had an abundance of new experiences from her journeys. She later used the knowledge to write her first book, a travelogue, You Can't Get There From Here: A Year On The Fringes Of A Shrinking World. Later, in 2007, she published her first young adult novel Sisters in Sanity which she based on an article she had written for Seventeen. Her writings include I Was Here, If I Stay, Where She Went, Just One Day, Just One Year, Just One Night, Sisters in Sanity, and You Can't Get There From Here.

Recommendation: A Great Read

I would, without a doubt, recommend Where She Went to any reader. This sequel is extremely well written. Opposing Of If I Stay, Where She Went is written from Adam's perspective. The story beautifully comes together, and is a superb novel to follow If I Stay. The content is not inappropriate, but there is a suggestive scene. The writing is not challenging to understand setting up to novel to be a laid-back heartthrob read. If you are looking for a simple, but well-written novel, Where She Went and If I Stay are books for you.
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This shows tidbits of scenes from Where She Went that capture the dramatic edge, loss and love of this story. It shows when Adam decides to go to Mia's show and when they walk downtown together. There are also scenes from If I Stay, showing how to the stories come together.