The Saints' Sentinel; vol. 12

From the desk of Nicolle Schroeder

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The Catholic Schools Walk is finally here!

Support Wauwatosa Catholic School tomorrow at 9:00am by walking with us! Our 2 mile route will circle around Enderis Park and its neighborhood. Click on the button below to see the map. A special thanks to Jen Wills who designed our route!

Our school community has raised about $6,800. on our own. We are so thankful for your generosity! I will let everyone know what our final number is when we find out from the Arch what they will be contributing. The playground will, most likely, be worked on in the Spring.

You can still donate at:

WCS Soccer Pros~

Come out and support your undefeated 4th/5th/6th grade soccer team as they take the field in a semi-final matchup at 12pm on Sunday, Oct 16. The game will be played on field B at St. John the Evangelist (8500 W Cold Spring Rd, Greenfield). Go Saints!

Conferences are here!

We are looking forward to seeing you to discuss your child's progress this school year.

The button below will take you to all of our teachers' Sign-up Genius pages. Use the tabs on top to find and sign up for the desired teacher. K-5th grade appointments are 15 minutes long. The middle school teachers have 10 minute appointments and will be in their own classrooms to provide more specialized information regarding their subjects. Sign up for a conference with each.

Also note that Ms. Wolf (Art) and Mr. Eli (Music) have slots for appointments from 10am till 2:30 and Sra. Hofmann (Spanish 3rd-8th) will be here from 3pm till 7pm. Please consider visiting them as well.

There will be no school October 27th and 28th.

The Book Fair is coming!

We will be hosting a Book Fair from October 24th through October 27th. We are grateful for the good-willed volunteers who will help with set-up, purchases, and take-down this year.

The Book Fair will be open for the students during their library time. It will be open for you to join after school and on Conferences' Day.

Let's help our students discover what keeps them turning the pages!

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First Skate Night is approaching~

Skate nights at the St. Pius X roller rink have been a part of our parish for many years. If you are looking for a fun, family activity, join us at one of our 5 yearly events held at St. Pius Parish gym. There is a DJ, pizza, and of course, lots of skating. Skates are available to rent ($5.00 admission) or bring your own ($4.00 admission.) Additionally, there are opportunities to host your own personal party.

Skate nights are a fundraiser for our school. We are asking every family to sign up for 1 to 2 shifts this year. If you haven't volunteered in the past, we are happy to let you know what you need to do for any of these items. We still need volunteers for our first Skate Night. We are looking for a set-up, hallway monitor, skate guards, and take-down volunteers.

Here are the dates and the Sign Up Links:

October 22:

November 12:

January 28:

February 25:

March 25:

Scenes from the week~


Basketball season is right around the corner. Registration deadline is Wednesday October 19th for kids in grades 5th - 8th. Contact Emily Brown ( with any questions.
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Fall Open House~

We are excited to invite all to our Fall Open House! It will be held November 2nd from 4:30 till 6:00. Come visit your child's classroom. Invite your friends and neighbors to discover our warm culture and excellent academics. Our small class sizes may be just what they are looking for!
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Making shelters for the Urban Cat Coalition~

This past Monday our Middle School students built 15 outdoor cat shelters in conjunction with volunteers of the Urban Cat Coalition. Students learned about the organization and why it is important to help community cats. The shelters were constructed from Styrofoam coolers reinforced with Mylar and duct tape for insulation.

A big thank you to Mrs. Weinshrott (passionate about community cat care) who organized the event. Stay warm kitties!

Sra. Hofmann's Spanish class newsletter

Mrs. Wolf's Art classes this month~

WCS Auction, Derby Days!~

Derby Days, April 29, 2023

Hold your horses! The dream is to win the Kentucky Derby or the most exciting school raffle yet to come. Stay tuned...

From Ms. Kathy~

1. Please call school in the morning when your child is absent (414-258-9977, ext. 113).

2. If your child arrives late, please make sure they check in the office. We need to see them to adjust attendance and know that they are here.

3. Picture re-take day is October 18.

4. Join us for our weekly school mass which takes place on Wednesdays at 2:00pm.

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Preparing for Dia de los Muertos/All Saints' Day/Halloween~

Look at this beautiful altar my husband, Tom, and his cousin, Dave made for us!

Soon we will be asking our students to bring in photos or tokens of remembrance of their beloved, departed relatives to put on the altar, along with flowers, candles, and other decorations.

We will also be celebrating All Saints' Day with a school mass at 9:30 am on Tuesday, November 1st. This will take the place of our Weds. mass. All are welcome to join us to pray and enjoy the first graders who will be dressed up like their favorite saint.

On Monday, Oct. 31st (Halloween), students are encouraged to come to school in their Halloween costumes (school appropriate of course) for our Halloween Parade which takes place outside around the block. You will receive separate information from your child's classroom teacher as to whether or not there will be a classroom party. Otherwise, save the candy for "Trunk or Treat," which will be held in the parking lot on Oct. 26th. More details to follow.

**Tom wanted me to mention, "Custom altar by Just B Cuz Remodelers, LLC- Two amazing craftsmen dedicated to quality!" Thank you both for the lovely gift for our school!

Thank you for lunch!

Today we were treated to a Miss Molly's lunch bag from our WCS parents.

Wrote Mrs. Hofmann, "I wanted to say how grateful I am for the Miss Molly's lunch. It's 'just' a bag lunch, but it's clearly made with love and certainly paid with in gratitude from our families. Thank you to Mrs. Lydia Carey (3K) for spearheading that for us."

Oh my goodness!

We have a lot going on! I never imagined I would have so much to share with you every week. It was, however, one of my priorities to provide you with reliable, thorough communication so I am happy to take the time to do so. Forgive me for the occasional spelling error.

Let us not forget to put God and our faith at the center of all these activities. Personally, I look forward to participating in mass with my family every Sunday morning. I appreciate the time dedicated to prayer and being a part of our church community. I hope my kids' memories of childhood are not only full of basketball games, Halloween costumes, and Culver's lunches. All important in their own right. I hope, however, they remember our 10:30 mass time together both as a family and as God's family sharing in the sacrament of Holy Eucharist.

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If you should have any comments or suggestions, please email me at

Hope to see you tomorrow!


Nicolle Schroeder


Wauwatosa Catholic School

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