Is it in you?

Can genes make you a better athlete? Elizabeth Vidoli

Just because you have a particular variant doesn't mean you're predestined to being a sprinter

Genetic testing in athletes can show whether they have a tendency toward endurance and power, and their maximum level of oxygen consumption. This can help determine the best ways for these athletes to train. Training regiments can become more personalized to the person.

Genetic testing can also show if a person is more likely to get an injury. This can allow athletes and coaches to take preventative measures in their training to prevent these injures.

Company says it has genetic test to pick sports for kids

The Future? The Worthiness in this information?

What does this mean for our future? I think the power of it will be in preventing sports injuries, and creating more personalized training regiments. I don't necessarily agree with this being used to tell children which sports they should play. Excelling in a sport can be affected by your passion, and the effort you put into it. If a child is excited to get active, it doesn't necessarily matter if they are genetically going to excel in it.

For medicine, I think it will impact the amount of athletes coming in with sports injuries, such as ACL repair. So many athletes are more susceptible to injuries due to the amount of work they put into practicing, and genetic testing can help prevent that. It will lessen the surgeries, and physical therapy needs, and athletes will be able to continue doing what they love, and not have to take time off for injuries.

The Role of Nurses

Nurses see athletes come in with injuries all the time. They see concussions, torn ligaments, broken bones, so many things. If genetic testing could help prevent injuries occurring from overuse, and overwork, this would really impact the care nurses provide. This genetic testing gives us a lot of insight on how to teach our patients. If they have a gene in which they are predisposed to having less collagen, we can teach them how to prevent injuries. So much money is spent on hospitalizing these patients, and genetic testing can prevent all of that.


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