Quarter 4 News Letter

Road to perseverance


Perseverance mean to never give up on your goal, to keep trying until you reach it. It means to keep going despite difficulties and adversities. Nothing stopping you from gaining success.

Jackie Robinson the Nobel Experiment

In 1900’s segregation was a sad thing that went on because this happened African Americans were limited to many things such as not being able to go in the same restrooms, or to play baseball in a league with white people. Because these things were happening Robinson would not get fair treatment in baseball games. Branch Rickey was ready to change that. He believed Jackie Robinson was the man to help him with his noble experiment. They came up with a way to get through it but it was going to take hard work and no retaliation. He believed Robinson could be the perfect ball player but he had to test his courage. Branch Rickey asked Robinson if he had the guts to take in everything he was about to experience. Robinson was thrilled, excited and scared, but ready. As a result Jackie faced racial name calling, Unfair reffing calls, and physical abuse. Not many people felt sympathy for him Branch Rickey offered Robinson a spot on the Dodgers. Rickey wanted Robinson on his team to be in the MBL. Rickey and Robinson worked together to have him play in the MBL. There was still racial calls. The impact Robinson brought to the team was large. All Robinson wanted was for segregation to be over. Not only for baseball but for everyone. Branch Rickey and Robinson worked together to achieve the Noble experiment. Picking Robinson was one of the best choices Rickey has made. Branch Rickey needed somebody who wasn't going to fight back. Somebody who would stand up for himself. And that is exactly what Robinson was.

Loosing To Win

In the video Losing to win the lady jags are on a 218 losing streak for their basketball season. But there’s more to the story. The teenage girls at Carrol Academy suffered from bipolar, depression, drugs, abandonment and simply parents who didn't care about them. The basketball team that the girls were required to join had lost 218 games and counting. The girls losing every game they played scoring barely any baskets didn't help them have fun and move on. It provoked angry and upset girl. If losing the basketball games wasn't enough then facing the other things the girls had gone through was hard also. Carol Academy was a good environment for many of the girls they learned how to be on a team and they built trust with their teammates. They weren't just a bunch of girls with struggles going to a rehab school. They were a family. The adversities the girls faced at home and through the basketball season helped them grow as young women and be able to pick up with a healthy life again. In the last game of the season the girls scored almost 15 baskets. Even though they didn't win they persevered through the season and were able to because better people. Leaving Carol academy sad point for most of the girls. Even the ones who were forced to go to the school ended up loving it. You could tell it was like home for them.They felt like they were losing their best friends. One day each and every one of these girls will be successful because of Carol Academy.

Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill is a brave, strong and eloquent historical figure. He was born in 1864. His childhood was lonely and sad. For Winston his parents weren't around and didn't care. Throughout his life he has shown he is intelligent, strong and hardworking. For example, he was very smart even though he didn't show it all the time in school. He realized it was time to turn his life around. Winston finished in the top part of his class. He also lead his country in world war two. During this time he was a good leader and taught people to never give up or give in. Even in the worst parts of his life. However Churchill is best known for his speeches that helped motivate many people during the war. His speeches gave people hope that there country would live even if there is nothing to hold on to. They told people to persevere, conquer and never yield. During the time of war when they were armed and ahead one day and then poorly armed and down the next, that there soldiers won't surrender there hope to live. Winston taught people that without imagination not much can be done. Winston Churchill once said “ Do not let us speak of the dark days let us speak of the rather sterner days. These are not dark days they are great days-the greatest days our country has ever lived.” This shows that he is saying that the dark days or not to look back on but look back on the days you are proud of and have learned from. I have learned from Winston to make every day a memorable day.
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What we learn about perserverence trough others helps us over come are adversities. This can help us by seeing what others go through. You can observe and see what you can change in your life learning from others mistakes and hardships.