Healthy Portion Sizes!

Healthy Eating for a Healthy Weight (:

Help Manage Your Weight With Portion Control!

Now a days, people are unknowingly eating larger portions when eating out, eating in, snacking in front of the TV, and when snacks are in plain sight. This is to help divide up your meals to help you have healthier portions!

Eating at a Restaurant & Eating at Home.

When eating at a restaurant, ask for a to-go box when the server brings your food. Take half home for another time! Or split an entree with a friend, because most of the time, restaurants serve more food than people plan to eat. When at home, instead of putting the serving dishes right on the table, put the food on individual plates. Also keeping the serving dishes off the table will discourage 2nd and 3rd helpings.

Eating in Front of the TV and Snacking.

When eating in front of the TV, instead of eating right from the package, put whatever your eating into a bowl or plate, so you know how much you'll be eating. When people eat and watch TV, they don't usually pay attention to how much they're eating. When you feel hungry and it's not quite dinner time yet, go ahead and have a quick healthy snack like an apple or some baby carrots, to avoid overeating at dinner

Outta Sight, Outta Mind.

Instead of having treats and snacks in plain sight, put them in cupboards or on a high shelf. In the freezer, put the ice cream & other frozen treats behind other foods so they're not in immediate eyesight. When buying in bulk, put the extras somewhere it's not convenient to get to right away, such as a high shelf or pantry.