Andrew Jackson's Presidency

Major Events, Cartoon and Two Perspectives

"Spoils System"

Jackson was rewarded in getting supporters and political allies since he was qualified to be a leader.The supporters and allies helped him be president.He won more votes than John Quincy Adams and then won the election.The uneducated people started working in banks and factories which started hurting the Government and Jackson as President. Most kindergartners were working in banks and couldn't take the mail to the houses,so the elders had to take it and teens were working at factories. Jackson wanted to not let the children to have education and knowledge.

"Killing the National Bank"

He believed that the bank was unconstitutional to the extension of the power of congress was unconstitutional. McCulloch refused to pay the tax in Maryland, so they took him to the Supreme Court,then the Court ruled that the National Bank was constitutional. for his word,He vetoed the legislation when Congress sent the bill to him. He wanted the 2/3 of House of Representatives to override his veto of opposing the bank. He weakened the Bank's power by moving most of its funds to state banks. He improved the the economy by lowering the national debt.

"Indian Removal Act"

Jackson and other political leaders wanted to open a land to settle by American Farmers. The Congress sent a bill and Jackson signed it where the Cherokee to trek and moves from the east of Mississippi to Oklahoma in the west side with sobbing tears from their eyes and many people died in the cold weather. While the Indians were trekking to the west,Calhoun used the removal to protect the Indians to conflict with the American Settlers. To manage the removal in western lands, the Congress decided to approve the new government agency, the Bureau of the Indian Affairs.The Mississippi legislature abolished the Choctaw Government and they wanted them to sign the Treaty of Dancing Rabbit Creek. Many of the Choctaw were lost due to the removal, so Cherokee had more of the supplies to survive.

Cartoon of Killing the National Bank

Jackson tore down the National Bank In Maryland, so they are fighting with him and opposing that its a good place and people get their money from the bank. McCulloch was getting angry with him and spitting at him and Jackson fighting back for revenge using a stick and his soldiers to kill his workers when Jackson opposed the bank and destroying it in to pieces.


Cherokee was opposing against him,since they sent them on a very long trek to Oklahoma in the western areas instead of settling in the east side of Mississippi in the cold weather and most of them died.The reason is because,Congress sent him a bill that he signed and told them bad news of moving in a different area. Also,when they were in Oklahoma,they had to work with the Choctaw tribe and had their own government.They didn't like Jackson because of American settlers claiming for the land and had a lot of supplies to keep them from starvation and shelter was required. Calhoun used the removal, so they can protect the Cherokee from interfere and conflicting with the American settlers that had just moved in.


Northerners supported him,because of the tariff they made that can defeat the British factories.They were meant to work on manufacturing and working in factories.They had cheap land that could be encouraged potential laborers to move from northern east to the western area.Jackson felt so favored when Northern sent the tariff to the British. Their American goods could be sold at lower prices that could for British goods. They had manufactured woolen fabric for scarfs and blankets.Their cheap land had better roads for proper transportation and water traveling to different house in the town.