Thursday Brief

September 6, 2018

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Week just started and it's already almost Friday!!!!


  • Eduphoria Uploads-Mrs. Hoover will start reviewing all certificates and required trainings have been completed. Please make sure you have uploaded all of your documents.
  • Teacher Webpage-All webpages should be updated and complete with schedule, picture, short biography. Mrs. Hoover will start review the completeness of this so please make sure it's done.
  • Break Habits Book Study-Chapter One Strand has been completed! Please look there and complete yours, then read & respond to others :). Due by September 11th.
  • Key Checkout-Don't forget I have exterior door keys for checkout if you need to work on the weekend, but you need to let me know in advance.
  • Loss of Recess-Please remember that I do NOT like students to miss out on their 20 minute recess time, especially not as a consequence. There are alternative consequences such as lunch or after school detentions. If there are individual concerns for students/groups of students then you need to see Dr. Youngberg or Mrs. Cristan. Thank you for encouraging recess time and all that it promotes! (see below
  • ESL Folder on Google will be shared next week no later than September 12th. Please fill out before the end of the day on September 17th. Any questions or concerns on the ESL students to please come and see Ms. Hoover.
  • Education Galaxy is ready to go. Any problems with creating classes please see Ms. Hoover.
  • SMART Notebook Software-Just a heads up that the SMART Notebook software will be uploaded soon!
  • Looking for a LEAD MENTOR. I'm looking for a teacher to be a lead mentor. They will basically help with some instructional coaching and attend some training with Mrs. Dennis. There is no stipend, but subs will be provided for the work you do. If you are interested, please email me.
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Please double check that you have completed all of the REQUIRED trainings (see graphic below). It may not have necessarily assigned you them but you still have to complete them by selecting the course on safeschools. Let Jeanine know if you have any questions.
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Next Friday, September 14th is International Dot Day!!!! On this day, I will read the book that basically tells our kids to make their "mark" on the world a positive one. Below is a link lots of activities you can do to celebrate this idea and have kids "make their mark." Please take a moment during your 8:00-8:30 time or some time that day to do something, anything really, demonstrated our kids making their mark.

From Mrs. Villarreal

Teachers: I will need two student representatives from your home room to be the designated Anchored 4 Life Team Members (1 boy and 1 girl). The students you choose will help new students transition into their new school, show them where things are in our building (school tours), sit with them at lunch, play with them at recess, and introduce them to new friends. Please send me their name and home room. Remember to pick one girl and one boy that can handle this assignment. I will then give you Team Member lanyards that the student will wear when they are giving a tour.

From Mrs. Cristan

Everyone is doing a great job at reinforcing cafeteria procedures.

  • One class at a time.
  • Wait your turn at the trash can.
  • Dispose of items.
  • Place the tray at the end of the table.

Thank you for picking up your students on time from the cafeteria.

  • The paraprofessionals appreciate getting to their lunch on time.

Bluff Buy Store:

  • Grand Opening is next week.
  • Keep reinforcing those procedures.
  • If you need more Bluff Bucks email Kelly Leal in the workroom.

After school dismissal is going great:

  • Thank you for assisting with your assigned groups and helping with the monitoring of the students.
  • 3rd grade and 4th grade car pick-up: The lines are flowing and we are shaving off time – great job!

Textbook update:

  • Tx Communities Studies Weekly should be delivered by today.
  • Math 2.0 TEKS practice for 3rd and 4th will be delivered by next week.

Coach Ashley Foreman's Baby Shower

Tuesday, Sep. 11th, 3:15am-4pm

Elementary Common Area

Please join us for a baby shower to honor Coach Foreman's first baby-Baby Michael! He will be here very soon.


It's lots of fun and a great way to make your day and some one else's day!

This Week's Calendar

September 6-14

6 Hurst Baby Shower

11 Patriot Day-Wear Red, White, Blue

11 Coach Foreman Baby Shower

12 Jazzy Bee Meeting 6pm in Elementary Common Area

13-20 Book Fair

14 International Dot Day Celebration-Book Fair

17 Constitution Day


Mrs. Dennis has created a great PD site for us! Please log on and check it out. She will include "challenges" and you know how we love those. Fun AND VERY QUICK way to get some professional development and show off what you're doing in class! All the videos she puts on there are 3 minutes or less.

Her current challenge is to turn post on Padlet your rules and procedures as "Total Physical Response" (TPR) or in a 'Visual Format!"

If you accept this challenge, but want me to do your posting just send me the picture or let me know and I'll come video the TPR!!!! Come'll be fun!

Happy Birthday September Babies!

2 Kasi Driscoll

11 Debra Cooper

12 Nancy Tyler

14 Idolina Galbraith

15 Cheryl Navar

18 Debby Alvarado

30 Ashley Debler

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