Go West Book Project

Tanner Halberstadt

Sacagawea by Joseph Bruchac

This book shows the journey of the brave Sacagawea and what role she played in the Lewis and Clark Expedition. Sacagawea was Lewis and Clark's guide and translator. It tells the journey of Lewis, Clark, and Sacagawea travelling west and all the problems they ran into.

Focus Question

What kinds of obstacles did the pioneers face on their journey?


Geographic Obstacles

Lewis and Clark travelled through many tough mountains and trails. They had to travel along the Lolo Trail which went through the Bitterroot Mountains. This trail took 11 days to cross and most of the people almost starved to death.

Extra Facts about Sacajewea

-she married William Clark

-she had a daughter named Jean

-guide for the Corps of Discovery

-she was kidnapped by the Minnetarees

Lewis & Clark / Sacagawea