Miss. Ravey's

3rd Grade Reading Class !

"A Minute of Peace!" - News Report

Welcome Back Parents and Students! A Minute of Peace News Report is glad to announce the upcoming events of this new semester! This semester I have great plans for us to explore and embrace the importance of cultural diversity. We will also focus on how we individually can contribute to our communities. This will be a semester filled with exciting activities and experiences we all will learn from while spreading positivity.

This Semester We Have An Awsome Field Trip Planned!!

To further enhance our awareness of diversity and multiculturalism our third class will have the opportunity to participate on March 25th, Friday in the Disney Youth Education Series Introduction To Global Citizenship. In this program our students will discover how technology, communication and commerce have bridged cultural gaps around the world as you navigate the international pavilions of Epcot® World Showcase.

February 12th, Friday - We will have a parent meeting in our school cafeteria to discuss and plan fundraising opportunities for our Disney trip. It will be held after school at 7:30pm we will also have refreshments served.

Friday,April 22nd- Is Earth Day! I ask that all students wear green and blue this day.

The following Saturday, April 23, feel free to join myself and family at the Central Florida Earth Day event held in Downtown Orlando at Lake Eola. For any parents and students interested please send an email .

May 4th Report cards will go home

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