Holiday Fun

Mini Research Presentation

What You Need to Do:

Think about a winter holiday... any winter holiday. Try to choose something you don't know much about since you will be doing some research for this project. However, choose something interesting to you so you can have some fun with the research - yes FuN!

Next, determine what aspect of that holiday you want to research: history, myths, traditions, symbolism, anything really. Maybe you don't know yet, and that's okay - that's what research is for. You will be learning about the holiday, or the aspect of the holiday, you choose.

Then, you will create a presentation (something like this!) to share your new knowledge.

Lastly, you will be presenting your new knowledge to your peers.

Standards Being Assessed - Informational Text:

* I can analyze two or more texts which provide conflicting information on the same topic and identify where these texts disagree on matters of fact or interpretation.

* I can identify and analyze the connections and distinctions made among people, ideas, or events within a text.