Roman and Greek Contributions

By Megan Eich

Greek Contributions


The Ancient Greece citizens had a written and spoken alphabet. 12% of the English alphabet and language comes from that alphabet. Even the word, "alphabet" come from the fist two letters in the Greek alphabet. Alpha and Beta.


This Greek contribution originated from the Greek theatre and drama. Generally the plays performed were tragedies, dramas, or comedies and all of the parts were portrayed by men. Now there are many, many different types of genres and women, along with men portray characters.


Most citizens in Ancient Greece were polytheistic. Polytheism is the belief of many gods. The Greeks actually created their own gods to understand their world. Gods like Zues and Posidon explained natural occurrences for the people. These gods helped form the idea of religion and helped in the development of religions today. There are many polytheistic and monotheistic religions like Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, and many more.


This art contribution from Ancient Greece was once used to tell stories through the black and orange carvings on the outside and also to store things. This trait (storing things) was passed on through cups, bowls, pots, and even tupperware

Roman Contributions


People in Ancient Rome built over 250,000 miles of roads from crushed stones and pebbles. The citizens in Ancient Rome used roads the same way we use them, minister the cars. They used them for easy, navigable transportation. Today we have millions of roads and highways like Route 1 or the 100. All of the roads that were made thousands of years ago inspired the roads we have today.

Plumbing Systems

The citizens in Ancient Rome used Aqueducts (canal-like concrete structures that elevated and move water) like modern day plumbing. They got the water to come to their house, or as close as they could get, just like our plumbing and even inspired it!

Women's Rights

In Ancient Rome women were given a lot more rights than previous civilizations. Women had the right to own businesses and they managed the family's accounts. Most importantly women had the right to own land. This gave them a way to make money without needing a man. Because of this, today women all over the world have many rights like the although it is still unequal in some areas.

US Military Branches

In Ancient Rome the military was split up into branches and every person who owned land would be apart of the military. The branches or units were called legions. These legions inspired the US Military branches we have today such as Army, Navy, Air Force, Costard, Marines, NOAA, and the Public Health Service. But now being in the military is not required.