Sacred Heart School

Week of January 27

Keep Pounding

I feel like there are a million topics that I should be writing about. There's Catholic Schools Week, of course, and Black History Month! There's the epic 6 snow days we had as a result of Winter Storm Jonas! There's the successful Open House we hosted today!

But even though I should be writing about all of these things, I want to write about something unrelated to school - The Carolina Panthers!!!

The Panthers, my hometown team, are headed to the Super Bowl this weekend. I wouldn't have thought that I'd care so much, but there's something wildly exciting and hopeful about your team winning one of the greatest sporting events in the land!

So, in honor of my hometown team, I thought I'd share a story that has quickly become my favorite. The story of the Spanish Broadcasters whose work has revolutionized American Football for their Hispanic audience and has created a new generation of football fans.

Without going into too much detail (feel free to read the article below), these two Mexican announcers decided to build a bridge between two cultures, American football and Hispanic audiences. They started broadcasting the Panther's games in Spanish, and made sure to explain the rules of the game to their new audience. What happened next was crazy! Their videos and exciting announcing style have taken the world by storm! They have found a perfect combination of the American football craze and the over-the-top soccer announcing that has become world famous! Watch the youtube clip for a brief snippit of their awesome work!

I think that this is a small nod to the type of world I hope our students grow up in. I hope that our students are able to build bridges between cultures, unite folks across language barriers, and find ways to bring us all closer together, not farther apart. I also hope that they find work they are passionate about and get to follow sporting teams that win!


Cam Newton's Touchdown Flip | Spanish Radio Call

The Week Ahead...

Make-Up Testing

Monday, Feb. 1st, 8am

Your classroom

Please use this week to finish up any Performance Series testing that needs to be wrapped up!

Staff Meeting

Monday, Feb. 1st, 3:30pm

Ms. Mazzini's Room

We will meet briefly to go over the Catholic Schools week events ahead!

Normal School Day

Friday, Feb. 5th, 8am

Your Classroom

The Staff Retreat has been cancelled. Instead, we will follow a normal school day schedule on Friday.

Catholic Schools Week

Monday - Parents and Grandparents Day - Parents are invited to come for coffee and pastries and stay for a classroom visit from 8:00-9:30!

Tuesday - Teacher Appreciation day - Lunch will be served to teachers. Lunch/recess coverage will be arranged!

Wednesday - Clergy Appreciation Day - Students should make cards for the clergy. School will show a video at mass!

Thursday - Community Appreciation Day - Students will write letters to some of our community partners who help to make Sacred Heart great!

Friday - Student Appreciation Day - Pizza lunch + School dance starting after lunch! No Homework!

March for Life

Working on a Snow Day!

Shout Out

A huge shout out to all of the teachers that came in during the snow storm to help prep for the Open House and the many, many teachers who made today's open house so successful!

Major shout out to Shenelle for helping to design and prep all of our marketing materials for this Admissions season.

Huge thank you to Agnes and Monica for joining our team and helping to grow Sacred Heart!

Thank you Melissa for making a Costco run for cookies and muffins!

Thanks to the Early Childhood team for entertaining lots and lots of young families and prospective students today.

Thanks to all of the teachers who came in, even though it may have seemed pointless, and helped to give tours, chat with families, and welcome individuals!

Happy Blizzard!