GCA Weekly Update


Hello Spartan Community,

This is the time of year when our students are presented some amazing opportunities that affect their future. This week I received an email from the United States Senate Youth Program (USSYP). The email said “We are very pleased to notify you that your student Eman Massoud has been selected as one of only two students to represent your state as a delegate to the United States Senate Youth Program (USSYP) to be held online this year, March 14 – 17, 2021. Eman will also receive a $10,000 college scholarship.” Needless to say I really like receiving these emails. This email was for Eman, and we are all so proud of her. Congratulations to her and all of our students that have worked so hard and are receiving theses great emails.

Character Strong

Our legions have started to carry out their mission of care acts. Some great ideas have benefitted some very grateful people. For our Dare this week, we are continuing to do acts of kindness, moving people that are different than ourselves into closer circles, and becoming more of the people we want to be.

GCA Music News

Congratulations to Senior violinists Susie Hong and Eugenia Trakal, Sophomore violinists Connie Kang, Michelle Kim and Arturo Pacheco and Junior violist Evan Landis on earning a spot in the Juniper region Honor Orchestra! These students proved to be among the best musicians in the state after an online audition. They will be participating in a virtual festival on March 20th this year, working with Dr. Jeffery Meyer, director of orchestras at ASU.

Additionally, congratulations to all other orchestra, band and choir students that prepared for and completed auditions for the regional Honor groups. Your hard work has made you a better musician and you are learning the value of discipline. We look forward to many more students auditioning for these groups again next year.

Please remember to mark your calendars for our upcoming concerts. More details to follow:

GCA Orchestra- Thursday, March 18th, 7pm @ MJHS Auditorium

GCA Choir- Tuesday, March 23rd, 7pm @ MJHS Auditorium

GCA Orchestra- Thursday, May 6th, 7pm @ MJHS Auditorium

GCA Band- Friday, May 14th, 7pm @ MJHS Auditorium

GCA Choir- Friday, May 21st, 7pm @ MJHS Auditorium

Thank you for your continued support of the GCA Music Department! Though we have all had to be flexible and make changes along the way this year, we are thankful to be making music with the students and are excited to share it with you soon!

Penny Wars

Penny Wars are going to start on Wednesday, February 17th! Bring your coins and bills to your legion: pennies and bills are positive points (pennies are worth double), silver coins are negative points to "sabotage" other legions. Legion jars will be in the cafeteria for contributions and sabotage. First place legions with the most points will win a huge Olive Garden Party, and 2nd and 3rd place legions will win a food party hosted by Senate. All proceeds will go to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Good luck!

No Food Deliveries to GCA Campus

Due to COVID restrictions we are not allowing food deliveries to campus. Please help us by not ordering or delivering food to campus. Thank you.

Google Doodle Scholarships

Every year, K-12 students are invited to design the Google Doodle for a chance to have it featured on Google.com, as well as win some scholarships and tech packages for their campuses. We're excited to see some strong doodles this year! Students can work with any materials they want (crayons, markers, clay, etc.), but all doodles must be original and entered using the entry form. Parents and teachers can mail the completed entry form or submit it online as a .png, or .jpg. The contest is open for entries until February 26, 2021.

This year's theme is


Applications for New Students next year.

Applications for the 2021-22 School year is now open. We encourage siblings of current students to get their applications in now.

Problems with Global Attendance? How to log attendance Outside of BUZZ

If you are receiving those annoying emails telling you that you will be dropped from your Global class, but you know you have been logging in, follow the steps in this link to avoid problems with attendance.


AP Exams

AP Late Registration and Payment Hard Deadline is February 26, 2021 -

Students taking AP US Government second semester have until March 2, 2021, to register and pay.

Parent volunteers are NEEDED to help with Teacher Appreciation lunches.

Please contact Michelle Sorensen ASAP if you’d like to be added to her list of volunteers. You can contact her via email or text.” Mnsorensen000204@gmail.com or 480-789-2195.

GCA Good Things

Good things reported in the opening paragraph and Music News.

Armageddon is coming. More information to come.

GCA PTO Information

GCA PTO meeting coming THIS Tuesday, at 6 pm in room 303. We need your support to make our kids' GCA experience a positive and successful one. If you haven't already, please become a GCA PTO member by clicking HERE. As a GCA PTO member, you will be able to vote on how and what the PTO does and how funds are allocated. Get involved! Our GCA kids need you!

We can't wait to see you there and go over all the wonderful things we have planned for this school year!

***Following Gilbert Public Schools COVID-19 guidelines, all that goes on school property must cover their nose and mouth with a mask. You will not be able to attend the GCA PTO meeting if you are not wearing a mask.

Counseling Updates:

Hello Spartan Families,

Outlined here are areas that you may find useful on the journey.

​Community Information and Referral Services. This link is a search platform for you to find several local organizations. There are many resources available in our community to help in this time of need.

Volunteer Turors Bridge Academic Gaps

Academic learning gaps are another symptom of COVID-19, with online volunteer tutors seen as one remedy. How bad is the problem? A recent December study shows that students have nine to twelve months of learning loss. Academic success is critical to the future of all students and all communities. That’s why one-on-one tutoring is needed more than ever. Dedicated student volunteers have the right talents to help teachers close the learning gaps. Plus, high school and college students can go beyond assisting students to meet learning targets. They can assure young learners by relating to their feelings of isolation and frustration. The GCA Tutoring Program is looking for Volunteer Tutors to earn service hours while also serving the community.

Tutors: If you are interested in Tutoring, please fill out this form.

Tutees: If you need a tutor, please fill out this form.

The matching process will take place next week, and the students will work together for the semester. We suggest any student who wants to tutor or needs tutoring join the GCA Tutoring Google Classroom. code r6xwo3x If you have questions, email Lisa Raunig


Starting to plan for post-secondary education is a family event as much as it is an individual one. We suggest that if you have not used the GPS THRIVE program, we encourage you to visit this with your student and begin this process. It is never too early to create a plan and have alternatives. THRIVE is a College & Career Success Guide providing helpful timelines and resources to encourage students (and their families) to get the most out of their high school experiences, along with helping our students plan for their brightest futures. This resource guides all High School students to excel during their high school experience and beyond by assisting students in exploring college and career options with proven pathways to success. Here is an additional College Planning Guide for 9th/10th Grade to get you started.

Junior Service Learning: As part of the College Preparatory Program at GCA, we spend a great deal of time in the junior service-learning classroom. This takes place in the second semester. We conclude the lessons with a 1-1 appointment with the students to create a portfolio that helps them start and complete the college application process. Our mission is that each student has the support they need to have the components already done and a working framework to confidently start the application process steps over the summer and the beginning of the senior year. We have now completed the academic resumes and BigFuture College Search and created spreadsheets of colleges they consider applying too soon. Our next couple of weeks will include writing essays, both personal and supplemental. Parents can view the Portfolio development, as a guardian, in the Google Classrooms. Please have your student invite you to the classroom if you are not already in it. This week the juniors received their ASVAB scores and were led through a lesson on using the database with their results to do further career exploration. College Planning Guide for 11th Grade

If you are a full-time Global student only: Follow the registration process for choosing next year's classes HERE.

2021 Updated Student Internship, Enrichment Programs- Check Weekly for updates!!


Interested in Engineering? Fulton Ambassadors whose mission is to support outreach and recruitment efforts on behalf of the engineering college through personal attention and information to prospective students. One of GCA Alum, Kathleen Maro, works with our campus to connect current students to this program. Students will virtually meet with a Fulton Ambassador to learn more about their engineering/technology major. It is really valuable for prospective students to “see” themselves in engineering, and Fulton Ambassadors love sharing their experience! This “Meet an Ambassador” program is open to any high school student, grades 9-12, and can register for a visit.

Connect with us on Instagram at Spartansgo2college. Another resource for parents is joining the Counseling google classroom for High School and Junior High.

It is our pleasure to help you and your student, and we look forward to a great rest of the year.

Gratefully, Mrs. Lisa Raunigand Ms. Pier Obrien

Mental Health Counselor

Mental health is a way of describing social and emotional wellbeing. Young people need to maintain good mental health to develop in a healthy way, build connected and positive relationships, and adapt to change and manage life’s various challenges. Teenagers who have good mental health will feel happier and more positive about themselves, enjoy life, have healthier relationships with family and friends, participate in physical activity and eat a healthy diet. They will also have a sense of achievement when appropriate and participate in relaxing activities.

Ways to support your teen’s mental health and wellbeing include checking in and encouraging your teen to talk about their feelings with you as it’s important for them to feel like they are not going through things alone and can count on you to help them find solutions to problems. It’s also good to deal with problems as they arise rather than letting them build up. This can help with the management of stress. Taking time to participate in activities that your teen enjoys can also go a long way in helping them feel connected to you. This can look like playing their favorite video game with them or watching their favorite show on Netflix. Encouraging your teen to talk about their mental health can also be extremely beneficial in letting them know that they are not alone. Let them know that adults also have problems from time to time that they need help sorting out. Tell your teen that talking about a problem can often help put things into perspective and make feelings clearer. Someone with more or different experience – like an adult – might be able to suggest options your child hasn’t thought of. Suggest some other people your teen could talk to if they don't want to talk to you – for example, aunts or uncles, close family friends, a trusted sports coach or religious leader, or counselors at their school.

If you are concerned about your child’s mental health or in need of family support, please don’t hesitate to contact me at nicoleta.alfaro@gilbertschools.net.

Enjoy your weekend,

Mr. Hood