Zebra Family Update!

September 2022

Welcome Back, Zebra Families!

Welcome back to school! It's been so wonderful having students back on campus. Getting back into the swing of things can be difficult, but we hope your student is easing back into their routine, and perhaps enjoying a little extra sleep given the new late start requirement. Our teachers are so pleased to be back to work with our students and are currently focused on introducing content and building relationships with their students and among their classes.

Our Family Update is published once a month and is designed to keep you posted on what's happening at LHS and to give you some key information so you can best support your student.

In this month's newsletter:

  • Managing emails from LHS and WPUSD
  • Back to School Night
  • Counseling and College & Career Corners
  • Intervention Block at LHS
  • Upcoming Events
  • Tutoring
  • And more!

We are here to support you! Please reach out to your student's counselor or our admin team if you or your student need anything. We are committed to your Zebra's success!

Back to School Night - Online & Wed., 9/7/22

Our teachers will be posting an overview of their classes - you can find it on their Schoology pages pinned to the top by 7 pm on Tuesday, 9/6. In addition, we will host a drop in "meet and greet" in all classrooms on Wednesday, 9/7/22 from 5:30-6:30pm.

If you plan to visit campus on Wednesday, please check in with your student and or look at PowerSchool or Schoology to get information about their teachers/classroom numbers. We'll also have a table by the main parking lot to point families in the right direction.

Emails and More Emails - Oh My!

We know that you are receiving a lot of communication from LHS and WPUSD. And if you have multiple children, it is even extra! We can't do a whole lot about it, but we do hear the feedback loud and clear, and we are thinking about what we CAN do to lessen the load and to be sure that what we send is important!

Communication comes from a few places:

  • Schoology - this is our internal system of communication regarding activities and grades. The posted content is geared toward students, but parents get notifications whenever we post updates. We are working on solutions related to communication to parents via Schoology. I've got a bit more research to do on this and will update this newsletter next week with what I learn!
  • ParentSquare - you'll be getting more emails from ParentSquare as our teachers start to use it, too. You CAN batch these emails to come once a day - check out this video to find out how. Even if you batch, we do have the option to override and send communication instantly (i.e. in case of an emergency) - so you won't miss anything essential!
  • FinalForm - is our new system for communicating with athletic teams; you'll hopefully see more coming via FinalForm as we continue to launch that platform
  • Direct Email from Teachers, Coaches, etc...we can't do a whole lot about that, unfortunately

If you have any questions about how to access Schoology or ParentSquare - you can find guides for families on our website here.

Click here for a video on how to adjust your settings in ParentSquare so you receive them instantly OR in a batch once a day.

Now Hiring!

We hire students to support our programs at LHS. Right now, we are looking to hire:

  • Bilingual Tutors - reach out to Mrs. Ward at sward@wpusd.org or students can stop by room 37 for more information. We are looking for Mandarin, Tagalog and Spanish speakers
  • Academic Tutors - reach out to Mrs. Edwards at medwards@wpusd.org or students can stop by room 11 for more information about how to become a tutor
  • Food Service Workers - reach out to Ms. Lawson at clawson@wpusd.org for more information about working with food service before school or at lunch

If your student is interested in getting a work permit, work experience credit or in cross-age tutoring, stop into the office to see Mrs. Pineschi or Mrs. Emerson!

We also have jobs for adults! Check out our options for substitute and permanent positions at edjoin.org/wpusd! We'd love to have you join our team!

Class of 2023 - Senior Products!

We are proud to partner with Premier Grad Products and Mr. Bob Sebring to support our Seniors with class rings, grad announcements, caps, tassels, gowns, and specialty Class of 2023 products.

We STRONGLY encourage you to order your Senior's cap and gown early (like this fall!). You can explore their catalog of products and order items online 24/7 here: https://www.premiergradproducts.com/

Upcoming visits to LHS by Premier Grad Products:

Thursday, 9/22 during morning intervention in the Lee Gym

  • we'll host a brief Senior meeting - seniors will learn more about ordering Senior products

Thursday, 9/29 and Friday, 9/30 from 9:30am-12:30pm in the Library

  • check out the products in person and place orders in person orders

Thursday, 10/27 from 9:30am-12:30pm in the Library

  • check out the products in person and place orders in person orders

You can check it out and order online 24/7 here: https://www.premiergradproducts.com/. Photo credit given to premeirgradproducts.com and used w/ Mr. Sebring's permission.

What's with our Intervention Block?

Last year, we collected feedback from students and faculty, and we evaluated our grade data to see what was working and what needed some work as we evaluated our aim to prepare students for graduation and college & career preparation.

  • We heard from students loud and clear that they wanted more time to study, to get help, to work on collaborative projects, to make up work, and to get important information!
  • Our faculty needed more time to support students who were struggling, who needed to make up work, to support students who are ready to go above and beyond in their learning and they reminded us that it's hard when we interrupt class for things like class meetings or assemblies.
  • Our rate of Ds and Fs is higher than we prefer (likely thanks to COVID) and many of the academic supports provided over the last two years (i.e. pass/fail options) are no longer part of the state's framework for education.

From those needs, our intervention block was established.

Students have intervention with every teacher (most) every week. We use this time for activities like:

  • all school information overviews (i.e. safety)
  • class meetings
  • assemblies & special schedules
  • class norm and team building
  • counseling presentations
  • college & career presentations
  • tutoring and small group work to help students catch up
  • homework time for students
  • academic supports like reading, vocab work development, grade checks, organization checks, etc...
  • time for students to work on group projects
  • social/emotional groups
  • and more...

Intervention is connected to class time...so most classes are 70 minutes long, but if you have intervention that period, class is 100 minutes long. Attending intervention is not optional - it is built in as a part of our mandated instructional minutes, and if students miss intervention, they will be marked absent from class.

We are starting slow (so far we've focused on team building, class meetings, norm development, and school safety (next week)), and we look forward to continuing to grow our intervention program to meet student and faculty needs this year!

The schedule is a bit complex, but we are figuring it out. You can see our bell schedule and our odd/even/intervention schedule here!

LHS Peer Tutoring!

LHS offers an incredible tutoring program that is designed to help students get their homework done, get organized, to ask questions, to get reteaching, and even to take care of test retakes (for some teachers!). We are prepared to offer support in all content areas taught at LHS. The program starts in mid-September, so be watching for more details.


  • In Person at LHS Library or online using Google Meet - code: LHSTutoring


  • Starts on Monday, 9/12; offered before and after school!

Want to be a tutor?

Keep in mind, that the library hosts our tutoring program to support students with learning. The library is not open for hanging out during tutoring times - all students must be actively involved in some type of academic activity during the tutoring program hours if they are in the library.

Counseling Corner

Each month, the LHS counselors will provide you with information on hot topic items as well as areas of focus with students. Stay tuned for information on all things college, school success, academic planning and mental health support. Should you need to reach out to your child’s counselor, here is our contact information:


Senior year can be an exciting and challenging time. The counseling staff at LHS is here to help! We work very closely with all the seniors to make sure they have a solid plan beyond high school. We will also make sure they have the tools and information needed to begin implementing their plan. These things are accomplished during an individual meeting with a counselor. These meetings will start around mid September and continue through early November. The following items are things you can expect from these individual meetings:

  • Transcript/credit review to communicate remaining classes needed for graduation & A-G completion.

  • Post high school goal setting and planning.

  • A personalized “To Do” list to help reach goals.

  • Review of timelines for the following: Financial Aid, University Applications, Sierra College Enrollment, College Entrance Exams & Scholarships.

  • How to access University and Sierra College application assistance.

  • Referral to a College and Career Specialist if needed to help with decision-making and goal setting.

  • Information regarding Military recruitment, Trade Schools and Employment information.

Students will have an opportunity to sign up for these appointments with their counselors around mid September. We look forward to embarking on this journey with our students! Check for copies of PowerPoints and handouts on Schoology in mid September.


As we welcome our Freshman class, we know that beginning high school can be a big transition for students. A bigger campus with more students, new teachers and administrators, possibly a more demanding academic load and new social situations. It's a lot to navigate, but we are here to help.

Counselors will be visiting Freshman classes later this month to provide them with information and support to navigate the beginning of their high school career. We will be reviewing graduation requirements, A-G requirements, giving them recommendations for how to be successful, and helping them develop a 4 year course plan. Be sure to ask your child about his/her 4 year plan and have them show it to you in their google drive! It’s a GREAT opportunity to start discussing their future!

We look forward to getting to know our Freshman and supporting them through an amazing 4 years. We will post copies of our PowerPoints and handouts on Schoology in mid September.

College & Career Corner

Mrs. Vadgama is here to support you with your college & career questions and goals. Be watching for fairs, workshops and informational sessions this spring and next year. Our College & Career Center is located at the end of the 70s wing across from the attendance window. Stop by or reach out to svadgama@wpusd.org to see what's happening!

On Monday, 10/17 (a non school day), there will be a large College Fair in Rocklin. Our own WPUSD College & Career Team is on the planning team for this special event. Mark your calendars and stay tuned!

FYI that this year, there is a requirement that all seniors complete the FAFSA between October 1st and March 2nd. This is an online form that helps students and families qualify for scholarships, grants, work study and loans so they can pursue education beyond High School. We will host a FAFSA/Cash for College Night on Wednesday, November 9th. Stay tuned for more details! In the meantime, learn more about the FAFSA here!

Our in-person college visits start soon! Thursday, 9/15 in the library we'll have Baylor and University of Arizona in the library prepared to meet students and answer questions about college life and their programs!

Big picture

What's coming up?

There are lots of details for the month of September and October and the 'big things' are listed for November and December! This list will be updated each month with details for the months ahead!

  • Monday, 9/5: No School (Labor Day)
  • Wednesday, 9/7: Back to School Night (details above)
  • Wednesday, 9/14: College & Career T-Shirt Spirit Day
  • Thursday, 9/22: Senior Meeting during morning intervention about caps & gowns
  • Monday, 9/26: LHS, PHS & ATLAS Student Assemblies about Risks of Fentanyl (hosted by the Placer County DA's office)
  • Thursday, 9/29 and Friday: 9/30: Order Grad Products from 9:30-12:30 in the library
  • Saturday, 10/1: FAFSA Opens for Seniors/Class of 2023
  • Week of October 3rd: Homecoming Week
  • Tuesday, 10/4: Powder Puff Game & Rally
  • Thursday 10/6: Frosh Football Game
  • Friday, 10/7: JV & V Football v. Placer
  • Saturday, 10/8: Homecoming Dance
  • Wednesday, 10/12: College & Career T-Shirt Spirit Day
  • Thursday, 10/13: End of 1st Quarter
  • Friday, 10/14-Monday, 10/17: No School (Fall Break)
  • Monday, 10/17: Roseville/Rocklin/Lincoln College Fair
  • Wednesday, 10/19: Parent/Guardian Info Night on Risks of Fentanyl for Youth (hosted by Placer County DA's office) in the LHS Theater
  • Weekend of 10/20: Tentative S. CA College Trip
  • Week of 10/24: Breaking Down the Walls Program
  • Tuesday, 11/1: No School (District Professional Development Day)
  • Friday 11/11: No School (Veterans Day)
  • Monday, 11/21-Friday, 11/25: No School (Thanksgiving Break)
  • Monday, 12/19-Thursday, 12/22: Finals Week
  • Thursday, 12/22: End of Semester 1
  • Friday, 12/23-Friday, 1/6: No School (Winter Break)

Visit our community and athletics calendars for more details on special activities, sports, and school events!

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