ADOLF HITLER - $1,000,000

Adolf Hitler was born on April 20th, 1889 in Austria. As a child, he had a very strict, shot-tempered father who hit him. Hitler did poorly in school, he was lazy, and he had a hard time making friends. His father died when he was thirteen, and since there was no one else to keep him in school, he dropped out at age fifteen.
When Hitler was 18, his mother died of cancer. He got money by painting post cards and clearing pathways of snow. In 1914, he tried to join the Austrian Army, but was found too weak to carry weapons. He joined the German Army and was in the front line of battle. In all, he won six medals for bravery. He stayed in Germany and ended up joining the Nazi arty in 1919.
Hitler's beliefs:

1) He believes in "ethnic cleansing," and that all Jews should be exterminated.

2) He believes in lebensraum, a Nazi policy about expanding the German's living space.

3) Hitler is a Roman Catholic, so he believes in the Bible.

4) He believes that Germans are superior to all other races.

5) Hitler believes that the world should only exist of the "perfect Arian race."

Wanted for:

  • Violation of the Treaty of Versailles- Hitler has militarized Germany.
  • Murder of innocent people
  • Lying
  • Kidnapping
  • Leading Germany in invasion of other Countries