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Happenings In Panther Nation - September 2018

Panther Pride

During Convocation, we had an opportunity to hear from several of our students and truly understand the impact that we have on the lives around us. This was a very heartwarming and emotional time for many of you and me.

As we approach the end of the first six weeks, I would like to challenge you today… this challenge is not about the “big” moments in our lives but focuses on the moments that most people would consider small.

My challenge to you is to recognize when the opportunity for a special moment is there and take it in! Our world is so face paced that if we are not careful, we will miss moment after moment. Each of us will face the time in our life when the little things will be the very things we miss.

Take time to reflect on this: What are the moments that you most value?

A student grabbing your hand and asking to play…Celebrate!!

Your friends laughing with you till it hurts…Celebrate!!

Working with a student one-on-one until they grasp the concept…Celebrate!!

A student remembering what you taught them last week…Celebrate!!

Working alongside your coworker and accomplishing a task that looked overwhelming…Celebrate!!

Life is too short and precious for us to miss the moments that mean so much to our lives. The big moments are awesome, but we do not experience them every day. These moments that we experience each day are just as special and are an indicator of how blessed we are.

I am thankful to have the opportunity to experience so many “moments” with you!!


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School Board Update

During the September Board Meeting, the following items came before the School Board:

Christine Bedre presented a curriculum update in which she discussed the pilot classrooms, including changes to instruction and room arrangement. Mrs. Bedre noted different vendors had donated the furniture. She also showed and explained the versatility of furniture.

Christine Bedre presented an update on the Accountability Ratings. The most recent rating was released in mid-August. Data from Lead4ward was presented to explain an overview of the system. Ratings and scaled scores were presented by district and scaled scores were presented by campus.

The School Board discussed the possibility of starting a District-based food pantry. Articles of districts with similar programs were discussed, and the Board and Administration will continue researching this idea leading up to the next board meeting.

The School Board heard an update of the Facilities Advisory Committee. The Committee has been exploring options to enhance District facilities and increase safety and security in all buildings. The committee will be involving educators in discussions as they begin to visit newly constructed facilities. This will allow committee members and staff to be exposed to the facility possibilities that are available.

The School Board unanimously approved the purchase of a 2.458-acre lot and tract from the Joseph Jordan League next to Westwood High School with 79 highway frontage.

The School Board unanimously approved the purchase of a 1.31-acre lot and tract from the Joseph Jordan League next to Westwood High School with 79 highway frontage.