Budgeting with Emily

Tips on Budgeting your money

To help you stay out of debt or keep yourself from being tempted to buy everything you do NOT need, here are a few tips to help you.

Give yourself a daily allowance. This way you only take as much money as you think you need for the days expenses. Dont bring extra cash or money because then you will be tempted to spend it and probably will spend it. You have to realize all the little things you buy add up in time and the money will start to add up after a while. Usually when that happens you can end up in debt.

Another tip is to open a savings account. If you have troubles saving your money, i would suggest opening a savings account. You may have a checking account but the problem with that is if you are trying to save your money, you can take out money using a checking account. If you open a savings account the money you put in will stay in and if your tempted to take it out, well you will have to wait to take it out until the date that you wrote on how long you want to keep your payment in there for.

Plan the Perfect Vacation Without Going over your Balance

After working for months constantly saving your money up, you think a vacation is needed but your afraid the perfect ideal place you want to go will be to costly. Not necessarily though.You want to start putting away your money in a savings account months before you decide to go on your vacation if not a year or two before. You want to check to see how much you have in your savings account first. Then you want to look up places you might be interested in. Places that have interests of you and your family. After all, you dont want to waste your money on a place that nobody will enjoy. Once you find a place, look at the rest of the expenses that you may have to pay for when you get there. For example, entertainment, food, places you want to stay at, or just activities you want to do. Make a list of them and add up how much it will cost. See if it matches or comes close to how much you already have saved in your savings account. If your right on track then go for it.