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What were the obstacles Pioneers faced when going west

"No Other White Men" by Julia Davis

In the story "No Other White Men" there were many obstacle that the Lewis and Clark faced on their journey west. Some of these Obstacle included the Rocky Mountains, disease ,and native americans.


One of the many hardship pioneers faced while heading west was crossing the Rocky Mountains.


While traveling west pioneers were plagued with disease like smallpox, cholera and sickness. The main reason for these disease were the dirty water they had to drink. Cholera is disease that attacks the small intestine causing severe diarrhea and vomiting.

Pioneers also suffered from ailments like Malaria, tuberculosis and scarlet fever.

Native Americans

In the book "No Other White Men" Lewis and clark encounter the sioux tribe which refused to let them leave peacefully. Even though Lewis and Clark met a lot of tribes that helped them on their journey
Lewis & Clark- Great Journey West National Geographic HD