Johann Gutenberg

By Hunter Frameli

Er heisst Johann Gensfleisch zur Laden. Sein Vaters name ist Freili zum Gensfleisch. Sein Mutters name ist Wirick zum Gutenberg. Er war am 23.Februar 1395 geborn. Er war am 03.Februar geborsten. Er war im Mainz, Deutchland geborn. Er war im Mainz Deutchland geborsten. Er war ein Erfinder.
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Accomplishments and Interesting Information

By 1450, he had a printing plant, for which he borrowed 800 guilders from Johann Fust to make certain tools and equipment. He also made the 42-line Bible, also known as the Gutenberg Bible, although he never reaped the benefits from it as by that time he was no longer with the partnership that was still producing it. Gutenberg paved the way for the creation of the printing press, leading to the printing revolution and the creation of many other printing inventions. Before he went into the print making business, he trained as a goldsmith. Most of the information about Gutenberg is controversial and it is not known what other books he printed, mostly because there was not very many written records on him.

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