Hannah Canzoneri February 12, 1999

"Bye, I am off to join the circus."

Me, Myself, and I

My name is Hannah Canzoneri. I have one sister and two dogs. My dad is huge into cars and loves to make them fast. My mom is the manager at Hobby Lobby. Anyone in the Cirque Du Soleil inspires me. I am very stubborn and set on my ways.

Facts About Myself

I am a very hard worker. I do not accept failing as an option. I always get good grades. I like to take great risks in life. With Cirque being a major part of my life, the risks are always high. I also have no artistic ability. That is where my mom comes into play.
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Hobbies and Activities

My hobbies consist mainly of Cirque training and working out. I go to many training camps and watch many of the shows to enhance my goals. I did gymnastics for 10 years. Due to injuries I had to quit. My dad helps me with some of the moves, and he holds me up sometimes. I also hope to be inducted into NHS and Beta Club.

Significant Times In My Life

2/12/99- I was born

3/17/02- I started gymnastics

4/14/11- I won Miss Palmetto Dance Center

9/19/12- I got my first horse named Sundance

12/19/14- I had my most recent surgery

Significant Historical Events In My Life

9/11/01- The Twin Towers were attacked.

2/4/04- Facebook was created.

11/04/08- The first "black" president was elected.

6/25/09- Michael Jackson died.

4/29/11- Prince William got married.

12/21/12- The world was supposed to end.

Significant Events In My Parents' Lives

9/30/95- They got married.

5/29/97-They had their first kid named Mallory.

2/12/99- They had their best child named Hannah.

1/24/12- They renewed their vows in Mexico.

4/12/14- They started their first business together.

Significant Historical Events In My Parents' Lives

8/8/74- President Nixon resigned from office.

8/26/76- First known outbreak of Ebola.

1/28/86- The Challenger Space shuttle exploded.

11/9/89- Fall of the Berlin Wall.

12/26/91- The Soviet Union is formally dissolved.

Goal for 2020

My goal for 2020 is to have a successful job as a physical therapist assistant and to be in the Cirque.
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Extra Credit: Significant Events In My Grandpa's Life

5/25/69- Got married

7/21/69- Had their first kid

7/17/73- Had their final kid

1/4/99- Death of his dad

1/2/2000- Death of his mom

5/17/73- Got his PHD from Notre Dame.

Extra Credit: Significant Historical Events In My Grandparents' Lives

11/4/52- Eisenhower was elected as president.

54- Brown Vs. Board of Education.

10/4/57- Russia launched Sputnik One.

60- First televised presidential debates.

11/22/63- John F. Kennedy was assassinated.

7/20/69- First man walked on the moon.