Fiction Newsletter

David Wetherington

Thank you M'am

A large women with a large purse that had everything in it but hammer and nails. It had a long strap. She carried it slung across her shoulder. It was about 11 o'clock at night and a bot tried to steal her purse. she took him back to her apartment and taught him a lesson

Amigo Brothers

Antonio and Felix were both seventeen years old. They were together in a friendship that they felt themselves to be brothers. They had known each other since childhood. One day they were both going to fight each other, and when that day came it was a equal fight. Then when it came to the end of the fight they were fighting to the death.

The War of the Wall

Lou and I had no time for courtesies. We were late for school. We just told the lady to messing with the wall. So she stopped and they left and were late for school.


Mr. Wilson will you please come back to teach art. I missed your art class. Will you please come back. When i was gone I was thinking about your art class.




Dear Zebra, I will come back and teach art again. I missed you when you were gone. When you come back we can learn a ton about art.


Mr. Wilson

The Scholarship jacket

A small school in Texas that I went to had a tradition carried out every year during eighth grade graduation; a beautiful gold and green jacket that was our school colors. The gold and green jacket was given to the smartest person over the eight years he or she was there. The jacket had a S on the left front side and your name in gold letters in the pocket. My older sister got the jacket a few years back and I hope my grades stay high so I can get that gold and green jacket.