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Wonderful Week

Well it was a full moon and a busy schedule, but fortunately we all survived! Relatively intact.

We did STEM activities in Science and Social Studies, and tested on regions-and the results from the students were impressive in the most part..thanks to your hard work at home. Just a reminder I like to "chunk" the learning so that students review a little each day. Students would really benefit from making learning cards, or pictures or mind maps. There are awesome apps too, here is a link for some ideas. Popplet is a cute one for kids.

Lexile levels (for my ELA students)

I have added your child's lexile level to their agenda, best is to read somewhere in the middle of the range. Non-fiction should be on the lower end of the level.

You can find books on your child's lexile level online and I think that the Fort Mill Library System used to do this too.

Wish list for science

I may need some volunteers your mailboxes.

Flexible Drinking straws (120)

Regular drinking straws (120)

Clothes pins 60

Paper snow cones or those cones for water fountains (120)

Chenille stems (1 pack)

1 pack corn meal

4 different food colors

Velcro squares or strips with sticky backing (2 rolls)

small party blowers the kind that normally make a noise would prefer silent (dollar store)