State Trooper

By Andre Lee

What is a State Trooper

A state trooper is an a police that works at the state level.State troopers enforce laws on state and federal highways and sometimes assist local police.


Police officers are responsible for enforcing the law. A police officer’s typical day is usually less exciting and less dangerous than how it is portrayed on TV; most spend the majority of their time either patrolling neighborhoods or on traffic duty.

Working conditions

Most police officers work for local governments. The rest work for state or federal police agencies. Their working environments are as varied as the landscape: from densely populated urban areas to remote rural regions, and everywhere in between. Each area provides its own particular challenges and requires officers to have specific skills.They also spend time in police stations, writing reports and maintaining records that may be needed in order to press charges and prosecute criminals in court.


A high school education is the minimum education required by many police departments, particularly those in large urban centers. However, because of the high level of competition for positions, many applicants have formal post-secondary education, and a significant number are college graduates. A number of police departments now require new officers to have at least some college education.


The highest salaries in this field are earned by senior officers who take on supervisory positions, such as lieutenants, captains, and police chiefs. Officers in these ranks usually earn between $50,000 and $100,000 a year, though those at the very top can make more than $120,000 a year.