Say YES to Annexation!

By: Hannah Burge

Why say "YES"?

Why should you say yes to annexation? You should say yes to annexation because we need it desperately! Think about it, we've had so many battles, so many taxes, so many rules that it's not good. We've lost many men in battles, and now, they want to take away our slaves.


We've had many battles with the Mexican leader, Santa Anna. He's been a major dictator in our past that we had to face and fight. Some of the battles we have had are:

No Slaves, No Free Religion, No More People!

The Mexicans want to take away our slaves! That in itself isn't fair.

No Free Religion is also one of the downers of not committing annexation. If we don't we all have to be of the catholic religion.

The Mexican's also want to cut off our families from the US, they can not come visit, can not send letters, nothing. Do you want that? I don't!

So please...

So please get cotton out of your brain and think straight! Do you really want to live through this? Say YES to annexation! We don't deserve to live a life like this.