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International Potluck

It is the new season of our 3rd annual Cultural Potluck! In advisors' boxes there is a letter to go home to families with information about the potluck. Under the mailboxes you will find this letter in several languages (English on the back). Please take as many of each language as you need for your case load. Please send them home today so parents can make themselves available October 18th, the evening of the potluck AND conferences).

In addition to sending this home, please call your families. Call 2 or 3 families per day or call a bunch on a Friday afternoon. Research shows that more families come when they are personally invited. When you call a family please log the RSVP (yes and no answers) in this form. This gives us a better understanding of how much of everything we need to provide. There may or may not be some recognition for the staff that gets the most RSVP’s or gets their calls in first.

For Somali families: Kassim, Khadra, and Abdullahi may be available to help call home

For Hispanic families: Paulina Jacobsson and Alex Santos may be available to help call home

For Hmong families: officer Xiong may be available to help call home

Student of the Week

Remember to nominate your students for Student of the Week!

The Shout Out Box is in the front office.

There will be one student from each team selected and announced Monday mornings!

Worksite opportunities

For Team 2 and Team 3, we have some openings at our unpaid worksites. Specifically,

there is one opening at the Food Shelf. The site runs Mondays & Wednesdays in the morning.

We also have a opening at Ebenezer. The site runs on Mondays & Wednesdays in the afternoon.

We will have 2 openings at ReStore. This site is on Tuesday mornings only.

We do not have confirmation yet from Heart of the Beast as to having them serve as a worksite. Please connect with Peggy or Dana to explore the above options for your students.

Wellstone Interactions

If there is a concern with Wellstone students or an emergency situation that Wellstone administrators need to be aware of. Please switch over to channel 3 and ask to speak to administrator or let them know where an administrator may be needed; not everyone has access to channel 3 - you may need to ask someone in the front office or a social worker to make this call.

Nursing News

Welcome from the Transition Plus Health Office.

Angela Magee,is T-Plus's new LPN. Angela came to Transition Plus from Anwatin Middle School where she worked in the health office for the last four years and comes to us with a vast array of knowledge and skills. In addition to school nursing, Angela works in a nursing home to keep her nursing skills sharp.

There have been a lot of changes at Transition Plus and the health office has not been immune to change. The nurses thought it might be helpful to outline points about the philosophy and practice of school nursing.

  • School nursing is a specialized practice of professional nursing that has proven to advance the well-being, academic success, and life-long achievements of our students.
  • Angela and Linda work together as a team to provide quality care (both directly and indirectly) for all our students and staff.
  • Although there is some division of labor between our positions, each nurse can provide quality care.
  • Student safety and well -being drives decisions in matters affecting health and thus they are an integral part in the decision making regarding the care of every student.
  • They maintain student and staff privacy (guided by federal laws and professional standards) and hope everyone can respect students right to privacy and the staff right to know.

In regards to medical emergencies, the initial call on the radio alerts the health office staff to a medical situation.

  • Please ask to switch to channel 16 on the radio so we can talk freely and not disrupt instruction (and violate student privacy).
  • Report location (tile gym).
  • Say what has happened so they come prepared- such as gloves, ice pack, wheel chair. Then they will direct care- such as asking staff to clear students from the room.

If anyone has questions or concerns, please talk to Linda or Angela

Math Resource

Jennifer Schneider has shared a great resource working on Lifeskills math.

Check it out and order your free materials from

Laminating/ Paper

We have limited resources. I have noticed a lot of wasteful copying with papers being left on the printer and not retrieved. Please do not print it unless you really need to. We just ordered a whole pallet of copy paper. I would like this to last through the rest of the school year.

If you need to laminate something and it can wait, please give the laminating to the scan lab to do it. You can start and stop the laminator so that you are not wasting laminating film on 'nothing.' This can be very costly and I would like to continue to have this as a resource for staff, but may be limited because of funds. You can save your laminating or combine with someone else's so there isn't large areas of waste.

As you are using school resources, consider how you would be diligent in limiting waste if it were coming out of your own pocket.

Cell Phones

Staff members need to limit your cell phone use to times when you are on break, unless you have students out of the building and need to address a concern for students.

Remember we are modeling for students in every action and interaction we have. Texting or answering a phone call in the middle of a class shows our students this is acceptable professional behavior- it is NOT.

If you need to answer a phone or a text because of an emergency situation, excuse yourself from the area, deal with the emergency and return as soon as possible.

Constructing the Innocent Classroom

What if you could liberate your children from the weight of negative narratives and low expectations?

"Having this training has allowed me to slow down with students that I was struggling to understand. The training allowed me to approach the conversation from a different angle, which was more productive."

-MPS Educator

Constructing the Innocent Classroom training rebuilds the relationship between educators and students, especially children of color. Our workshops equip educators with understanding and practical strategies for connecting with every child - and channeling those relationships into learning and growth.

Thanks to funding from Minneapolis Public Schools through ProPay, Constructing the Innocent Classroom will be offered this year for any interested licensed educators in the district.

Click here for dates and to reserve your spot. Details for registration through ProPay will be sent at a later date. For questions and more information, contact Adebisi Wilson (

Upcoming dates

10/18- International Potluck 4-8 p

10/19- Conferences- This would be a good day to try to schedule IEP meetings

10/20- MEA- licensed staff that did not attend 8/22 are expected to either attend the

conference or be in the building - sign in will be at the front desk.

10/21- MEA

11/1- Visit Transition Plus 5:30-7 (staff that attend this will be allowed to take off 1/2 day on 11/4 - Teacher Record Keeping Day

Professional Development

November 3

ESP and licensed staff is expected to attend PD here at Transition Plus. The day will consist of workshop offerings, required survey completion and EdCamp- for ESP staff this will be an 8 hour day from 8:00-4:00 pm. Schedule to follow soon.

November 4th

ESP staff will attend 8 hr CPI training. It is being offered here at the Wilder Building. This is a new training that all staff will need to be taking at some point in the next 2 years (rather than just re-cert).

If you have already taken this class you can attend the district PD conference -Equity and Engagement focus.

Get Your Flu Vaccine

Everyone 6 months and older should get flu vaccine every year. If you/family has health insurance, please bring insurance cards. If you do not have insurance or do not have your card available, vaccine will be provided at no cost.

The flu clinic will be in the cafeteria at Transition Plus on October 19, 2016 from 11:30 am to 2:30 pm.

All people are welcome.

Mammo- A - Go - Go

Annual screening mammograms are the best way to detect breast cancer in its earliest, most curable stages. Yet many women put off getting a mammogram due to busy schedules or inconvenience. At Park Nicollet Jane Brattain Breast Center, we are committed to making mammograms more convenient for women. Our mobile mammography unit, Mammo a-go-go, brings the best in screening services to you in a tranquil, spa-on-wheels environment.

On-site mobile mammography is available for employees and spouses. Appointments only take 15 minutes and are a covered preventive benefit under the Affordable Care Act.

Scan Lab

SCAN LAB needs photos, negatives or slides for work. We have more students this year so we need more work.

We ask for a suggested donation of 5 cents per scan. Images are burned onto a CD/DVD depending on size of job.

We can take work from outside the building, family members, neighbors, any one you know who may want to preserve precious memories. Click Here for the Order Form

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