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October Club Meeting

3rd Thursday is almost here!

Hope you can attend on October 20th, 6:30 p.m. (Chick--fil-a coupon for free dessert for members who are on time!)

Meetings are at St. Paul Lutheran Church (unless otherwise noted) ~ 55 Pasadena Ave., Columbus (behind the Dairy Queen on West Broad Street)

Our meeting will be "other" focused.

We will learn about what it is like to be in the navy, hopefully Facetime with someone currently in the Navy, and create care packages to send to corpsmen.

Each member/family is encouraged to bring or donate something for the care packages:

We will also be doing a unique experience...what it's like to be an elderly person! You won't want to miss will give you a greater awareness and give you a sense of compassion and understanding toward our aging seniors.

NOW IS THE TIME for new 4-H members! We will be enrolling new members through don't wait to invite your friends! Get them plugged in NOW so they can feel like they are "part of the club"!

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New opportunity for our club!!

The goal is PetPALS is ultimately work with youth and an animal that they own that can be taken to a senior healthcare facility. The goal would be to visit the facility monthly after completing the required lessons in the project.

Read below if you are interested in more information...

PetPALS info page

PetPALS…People and Animals Linking Successfully

Fantastic Future 4-H Club 2016-2017 opportunity

This is a 4-H project that must be taken under the guidance of 4-H Advisors who have been through the PetPALS. We have 3 club advisors who were certified in 2016 who think the lessons are very rich in content and will provide the opportunity to enrich a long list of life skills.

It is necessary to attend the meetings and fulfill the requirements.

Members will learn:

· ways animals communicate

· how to form partnerships with senior healthcare facilities

· animal-assisted activities

· appropriateness of pets for 4-H PetPALS

· animal handling and assessment skills

· aging, physical, and medical conditions 4-H PetPALS may encounter during visits

· how youth should communicate and visit with residents in senior healthcare facilities

We are hoping to have the meetings at St. Paul Lutheran Church or at a facility nearby.

Meetings will be for club members who are taking the PetPALS project. (except the mini-lesson done at the October 20 meeting).

1. October 20 (4-H Club meeting) lesson 4a during meeting

2. November 3 Lesson 1 & 2a

3. November 10 Lesson 2b & 4b

November 17 (4-H club meeting/dinner)

4. December 1 Lesson 2b & 4b

5. December 8 Lesson 3

December 15 (4-H club meeting)

6. January 5 Lesson 5 & 6

6a. January 12 Lesson 5 & 6 (back-up date, if needed)

January 19 (4-H Club Meeting)

7. February 2 Lesson 7 a & b

February 16 (4-H club meeting)

8. March 2 Lesson 8 a & b

9. March 16 (4-H Club meeting) Lesson 9..can be integrated with club meeting

10. March 30 Lesson 10 (Visit & evaluate)

11. April, May, June, etc…Plan date/time for monthly visits to continue…need to include enough time for reviewing and learning about our visits.

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