Panther Publication

Summer 2021

Important Dates for the Summer

Here are a few dates that you will need for the beginning of school.

Class Rosters Posted:

July 1st @ 3:00

New Student/Kindergarten Registration:

July 27th from 1:30-5:30

July 28th from 9:00-12:00

Meet the Teacher:

August 2nd from 4:30-6:00

First Day of School:

August 5th


With the new year beginning, we hope that you will consider to partner with our PTSO. They are a great organization that supports our school in a variety of ways. They purchase supplemental teaching aides for the classroom, help with renovating our playground and snack areas, just to name a few. There are two ways that you can partner with them. One is to simply join the PTSO for a small fee. The other way is to give of your time. We have several events during the course of a school year and always need additional people to help. All of the money raised through our PTSO is used to support our school.