Chapter 6

Dylan Langston


Biological Growth and Development- Puberty creates spurts of growth in height and weight with changes in body proportions. Primary and secondary sexual characteristics develop and change.

Undefined Status- Expectations are vague, they are looked at as children but are expected to act like adults and make responsible choices.

Increased Decision Making- The adults don’t make their decisions for them anymore, they have to choose and decided between things on their own now.

Increased Pressure- Having rules at home but parents also want their kid to have an active social life to develop friendships. School pressure includes tests, projects, and essays between multiple classes. Some face job pressures like finding a job, keeping a job and maintaining a social life .

The Search for Self- Establishing personal norms, setting priorities and preparing for future roles.

Dating and Courtship

Casual dating was a form of entertainment rather than dealing with mate selection. Dating is good because it is a form of entertainment, a mechanism for socialization, helps individuals to learn appropriate role behaviors/ define their self concepts, dating fulfills certain basic psychological needs, helps people attain status, and lastly spouse selection becomes an important issue later on. While courtship is more strict and serious it is mostly with the intent to marry.

Negative in Adolescence

Alcohol or drug usage, triggering events, age, sex , population density, and family relations are all predictors of teen suicide. Consequences of early sexual activity/ pregnancy are babies having a lower birth weight and are more likely to die within year one also teens have lower earnings, having trouble supporting a child. Drug usage is everywhere and have negative effects on society, causing violence and jail time for many young adults.