Kinder Corner

News for November 7-11

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Weekend Challenge Issued!


Thank you again for supporting our school through the Miller Mustang Fun Run!

This weekend we are issuing a special challenge. For the “Weekend Challenge,” the top TWO classes with the most NEW pledges over the weekend will receive a Bonus Prize - the Flip Out Frames - on Monday.

And if you’re looking for an easy way to ask for a pledge, create your very own Student Star Video by uploading a photo of your student to It’s a fun movie trailer starring your child! You can share it on email or social media to ask for a pledge.

Thank you again for helping our class.

PS - If you haven’t registered your child on, use our school registration code: 833565

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Help Needed for Our Dramatic Play Center!

Next Friday, November 11, we will be changing out dramatic play big center into a grocery store.

If you have any items at home you would like to donate to put in the center, please send them next week with your child. If you would like to volunteer to help transform our current center into the grocery store please email Ms. J at and let her know! She would greatly appreciate any help!

If you would like to help, please be here at 2:00 PM.

Thank you for your help!

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Readers Procedure

Readers will start coming home on Monday! We will have practiced reading it together once, so your child should be somewhat familiar with it when you read it together Monday evening.

There will be a baggie in their folder where the reader should "live" after you finish reading it each night. We will be using the reader in class each day to practice or for direct instruction, so it must travel back and forth with your child every day. We will collect them on Friday, and give your child a new one on Monday.

Please remember that there is a $5 charge for lost or damaged readers, as they are part of our curriculum materials.

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Curriculum Coming Up...

Language Arts/Social Studies:

-Letter Ii

-Sight word "go"

-Word family: __ot

-Let's take a vote

-Veteran's Day


-Problem-solving with manipulatives and whole/part mats

-Teen numbers


I can investigate magnets