Grow an Organic Salad & Herb Garden

Grow superfresh salads at home

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How to grow lettuce, herbs and other amazing salad ingredients

Nothing can beat the freshness of salad leaves, herbs and veggies picked from your own garden just before serving it up.

Growing various salad ingredients - like lettuce, salad greens, cherry tomatoes and bell peppers in warmer climates like Goa is challenging - but doing this successfully is certainly possible.

Whether you have a garden or a small balcony which can accommodate but a few containers, it is possible to produce sufficient quantities of salad ingredients for yourself.

Having grown these ingredients for salad connoisseurs, 5-star hotels and cafe's over the last three years, we'd like to share some of the tips and techniques that can bring you success with growing these in your own garden or apartment.

The Organic Salad & Herb Garden Workshop will be held at the ArjunTree One in Margao from 3:00 PM to 5:30 PM on Sunday, 14th Deceember 2014.

Seeds & seedlings also for sale during the workshop

Grow an Organic Salad & Herb Garden

Sunday, Dec. 14th 2014 at 4-6pm

Rua Miguel de Loyola Furtado

Margao, GA

  • Pre-registration compulsory.
  • Call/SMS Yogita: 99606-43245 OR
  • Email: to pre-register.
  • Registration Fee, Rs. 400.00 per head.

Growing salads on terraces and balconies

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Green Essentials

Green Essentials promotes environmentally-friendly alternatives that help make our lives healthier, more natural and sustainable. We are especially passionate about growing vegetables at home and promote organic vegetable gardening in Goa through our workshops.