Ms. Schrull's First Grade Class

About Me

I have a Bachelor's Degree in teaching and learning from the University of Houston. I chose to teach first grade because I love getting to prepare students for their future. I love being able to play a role in the first steps of their education. Teaching is my passion and I have no doubt that we will have a successful year!

Extra Help in the Classroom

I am all about student success! If I feel your child may be struggling at something we are doing in class, I will send home a note explaining what it might be. I am here for my students and willingly stay after school to tutor and help students who may need it! Likewise, if you feel your student is struggling please send a note in their folder and I will have look at it and we can figure something out. You can also email me. My email is available below.

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Upcoming field trip

During the third week of school (9/24) we will be taking all of the first graders at Success Elementary to the Park Zoo. Next week I will be sending home a letter asking for permission and chaperons. I need this letter to be filled out, signed, and returned NO later than September 18, 2015. If, for whatever reason, your child cannot attend, there will be alternate activities for your child at the school that day. I look forward to this trip and meeting you all!

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Upcoming activities in school

During the first two months, there is so many fun things going on! September 15 is 'Donuts with Dads'. During this, the school will provide donuts from 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. A letter will be going home closer to the date that will give all the details of the event.

Another event coming up is 'First Grade Field Day'. This will happen towards the middle of October, however, we need many volunteers to make this event successful! You will be receiving a letter at the end of September/beginning of October with all the information you will need.

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Next Week in Class

Next week, we will be having show and tell! Your child may bring anything he/she really loves and wants to tell the class about. No real animals are allowed. Your child may write a short story to read aloud to the class, or just come in and tell whatever is on his/her mind at that time. They may bring something like a stuffed animal, their favorite book, a picture of themselves or someone close, etc.

Please keep this appropriate for the classroom.

I look forward to seeing and hearing about the students' favorite things!

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