ABC Book of WW1

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Allied Powers

The Allied Powers where Great Britian, Russia, and France. If these major power countries where not allied then the war could have just been between Austria- Hungary and Serbia but because when one was attacked the others mobilized it caused the whole world to be engulfed in the war.

Black Hand

The Black Hand was the organization that organized the assassination of Arch-Duke Franz Ferdinand. With out this group assassinating the Arch-Duke then the "powder keg" would not have been lit. But an enormous war could have still started with a different event.

Central Powers

The Central Power consisted of Germany, Austria- Hungary, and the Ottoman Empire. Without these powers being allied then when the Arch-Duke of Austria Hungary would not have made Russia mobilize and that would have made Germany mobilize and attack France.

Death Total

The Death Toll of WW1 surpassed all wars before if because of the newly invented killing machines, all the countries that where at war, and the new style of trench warfare that gained almost no land so no one county could conquer the other.The Death Toll was so massive that many people found out how bad war can be and where so astonished that it was called the war to end all wars and The Great War. The death toll was 8.5 million soldiers dead.

Easter Front

The Eastern Front was fought between Germany and Austria-Hungary vs. Russia. Unlike the western front this line would move and curve. Without this front the Germans would have crushed France and wouldn't have fought a two front war and the war probably would have been won very early on.

Franz Ferdinand

Franz Ferdinand was the Arch-Duke of Austria-Hungary. He was the next in line for the Austria Hungarian throne and with his assassination the war was started and the powder keg lit.

Gallipoli Campaign

The Gallipoli Campaign was a battle for the Dardenels between Great Britain and The Ottoman Empire. The campaign was to get a direct supply route to Russia and it was a failure for the British. The British wanted this supply route so much because if they could keep Russia in the war then Germany would have to keep its giant army split and wouldn't be able to take Paris.

Kaiser Wilhelm II

Wilhelm II was the kaiser or Emperor of Germany during WW1 and he was the kaiser who decided to put in action the Schliefen plan . Without Wilhelm II a different kaiser could have chosen no to help Austria-Hungary and the war would have never been so devastating.


Militarism is the building of of a county's military during peace time just to be prepared if something happens or show their power. Militarism was one of the MAIN causes of WW1 and if counties hadn't built their militaries so much then the war probably wouldn't have had such a death toll.


Nationalism is the love for ones country and want to serve, protect, and fight for ones country. Nationalism is another MAIN cause of WW1 and without people loving their country and wanting other country's to be like them and see how great or better their country is then all other then people would have no incentive to fight and the war would not have been so great.

Poison Gas

Poison gas was a newly invented weapon of WW1 and was used to suricate and kill your enemy. Poison gas was a weapon of mass destruction in WW1 and could not be defended against when first introduced. Later after the war it was outlawed because of it's such destruction in WW1.


Rationing is a effect of total war which is when a country uses all resources for the war. So rationing was used to get as much resources as needed to the war as possible and this was done by encouraging homes to have a victory garden, conserve how much gas they can use, and how much of certain foods peoples can have.

Schliefen Plan

The Schliefen Plan was a plan for German victory if war was to come against Germany vs France and Russia. The plan was that with in six weeks Germany would attack France and control Paris before Russia could fully mobilize and get to Germany. This plan failed when Germany couldn't take Paris in the right amount of time and then Germany had to split their army and fight a two front war.

Trench Warfare

Trench Warfare was a new style of war in WW1 and is considered one of the worst styles of war. Trench warfare is when both side builds trenches in the ground and stay there acasionally coming out and running to the other teams trench and get mowed down by machine guns. This type of warfare ended in uter stail mates and almost no land was gain between eather side in this type of war.

Unrestricted Submarine Warfare

Unristriced Submarine Warfare is when a country can just shoot down any ship that they think could be benefiting their enemy, so they shoot down basically anything that wasn't their ship. Unristriced Submarine Warfare caused the US to join the war with the sinking of the Louisatania.

Verdun Battle

This battle was fought between the French and the Germans for Verdun the lasted from February 21 to December 16. This battle costed 976,000 lives and was known as one of the most costly and longest, and battles for just a small amount of land and it ended in a costly French victory.

Western Front

The western front was between Germany and France. This front unlike the eastern was all trench warfare and almost no land was gained in the fighting at all. This front was very important to take and control in the Shliefen plan and so it was attacked first by the Germans. The western front was known as one of the worst places to be in WW1 and saw many lives lost on its battles.

Zimmerman Note

The Zimmerman note was a telegram to Mexico from Germany trying to get Mexico to attack the US. This was one of the main reasons the US got into WW1 and it was known as the last straw. Without the Zimmerman note the US would have never been in the war and we wouldn't have been there to help the French when Russia withdrew and with out the US joining the war could have been lost.