The American System

High tariffs

one of the things that the american system wanted to do was support a high tariff from foreign goods. if we have a high tariff that would meant that there would be more money flowing into the government. It would also diminish the buying of goods from other countries and start buying products that are from the US. this would ultimately create a better economy.


another thing that this plan achieved was to create more roads and canals. that would call for easier transportation of the goods grown in the south. it would make it cheaper for them to do so, and that would also help them sell more goods for a higher profit that they have been growing. in the end of it all the new roads and canals would ultimately create a better economy.
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national bank

the plan also called for a national bank. what this would acheive is a single currency that is used throughout the entire US. this would create easier trade and business for the people throughout america. instead of barrowing a currency from private banks, the government would have its own, making the economy better, and it would create revenue for the government
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